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8 days ago
wei long :
The Service Life Of China Lead Die Casting
We all know that China lead die casting has been selling well overseas in recent years. In addition to the quality of the product, the type of product and the service life of the product is also very critical.
Generally speaking, the service life of die castings that can be regularly maintained and maintained will definitely be longer, but in addition, the choice of materials is also very important.
Stainless steel lead die casting has... see more a longer service life. The performance of this product can completely replace imported products, and the price is significantly lower than that of imported products, which saves costs for customers. After the stainless steel shot is used, the surface of the casting is smooth and does not rust, and no post-treatment such as pickling is required, which is beneficial to environmental protection. You can choose between pre-polished round cut pellets and non-pre-polished cut pellets, two different shapes of products.
The China lead die casting factory is constantly improving in product quality, material selection, and other aspects, and will become more and more popular with customers. chinaweilong.cn
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15 days ago
wei long :
Advantages Of OEM Aluminum Enclosure
There are many kinds of OEM Aluminum Enclosure products on the market, so today I will talk about some classifications of OEM aluminum enclosures.
The unified adapter aluminum shell has played an obvious role in reducing consumption costs, saving social resources, and reducing electronic waste. However, some problems occurred during the implementation of the standard. For example, some adapter housings do not support USB charging. Forcing implementation... see more of this standard will cause damage to the voltage regulator and a drop in the connection rate during charging.
The aluminum shell of the power supply is generally a shell made of elastic rubber, which can play the role of insulation. At the same time, the quality of the shell is also related to the life safety of consumers. The shell made of high-quality and guaranteed materials is more secure.
The aluminum shell produced by Die casting manufacturer is a shell processed from aluminum profiles obtained by aluminum stretching. It has high flexibility and can be cut at any depth. Generally, there is a circuit board card slot inside, as long as the circuit board is directly inserted. , No need to fix it and the convenience is unmatched by other kinds of shells. chinaweilong.cn
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22 days ago
wei long :
The Wall Thickness Of Zinc Die Casting
As one of the die casting parts, zinc die casting is welcomed by everyone because of its good performance and wide range of functions. Today we talk about the design of zinc die casting .
The structural design of die casting is the first step of die casting work. The rationality of the design and the adaptability of the process will affect the smooth progress of the subsequent work, such as the selection of parting surface and the types of defects,... see more etc., will be based on the pros and cons of the die casting itself.
When designing die-casting parts, to ensure the reliability of strength and rigidity, the thicker the wall, the better the performance, for die-casting parts, as the wall thickness increases, the mechanical properties decrease significantly. The reason is that in the die-casting process, when the molten metal enters the cavity at high pressure and high speed, it quickly cools and solidifies after it contacts the surface of the cavity. A layer of fine grain structure is formed on the surface of the chilled die casting. The thickness of this layer of dense fine grain structure is about 0.3, so the thin-walled die casting has higher mechanical properties. On the contrary, the crystal grains of the center layer of thick-walled die-casting parts are relatively large, which tends to produce defects such as internal shrinkage cavities, pores, and dents on the outer surface, so that the mechanical properties of the die-casting parts decrease as the wall thickness increases.
The same is true for lead die casting , not thicker the better. chinaweilong.cn
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29 days ago
wei long :
Why China Lead Die Casting Interest Rates Are High
From a global perspective, the die casting industry is fully competitive. Die-casting companies in developed countries have a long operating history, and individual companies are larger in scale and highly specialized. They have strong advantages in technology and customer resources, but their growth is average. However, China lead die casting succeeds in occupying its place by the technology and quality of its products.
The gross profit... see more margin of domestic aluminum alloy die-casting enterprises is generally higher than that of foreign counterparts, due to the following factors: 1) The rise of new energy vehicles has led to the reconstruction of the corresponding supplier system. The Chinese market is the world's largest new energy vehicle market, accounting for half of the global production and sales of new energy vehicles. 2) China is the main source of raw materials, and the procurement cost is low. China's Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta regions are the regions with the most mature raw materials and supporting facilities for auto parts; 3) Engineer dividends. Thanks to the bonus of engineers, the labor cost of aluminum alloy die-casting enterprises is lower than that of developed countries such as Europe and North America, and the efficiency is higher than that of developing countries such as Latin America and Southeast Asia.
In any case, the quality of products produced by the China zinc die casting manufacturer has strict requirements, so it is guaranteed. chinaweilong.cn
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May 12 2021
wei long :
Understand The Application Of China Lead Die Casting
Lead die casting is a kind of pressure casting part, and China lead die casting has a late start, so some aspects need to be improved. But it is also very mature.
Application of lead die casting Aluminum materials and aluminum alloys have good fluidity and plasticity, so they can make a variety of complex and difficult die castings. Castings made of aluminum alloy and metal aluminum have high precision and surface finish. This greatly... see more reduces the amount of machining of castings, greatly reduces labor intensity and saves electricity and metal materials. Because of its high internal and external quality, aluminum die castings are widely used in automobile manufacturing, internal combustion engine production, motorcycle manufacturing, electric motor manufacturing, transmission machinery manufacturing, precision instruments, landscaping, power construction, and other industries, Has become the new darling of the die-casting industry.
Now that there are so many application fields for lead die casting, the development of China lead die casting factory is gradually getting better and better, and the quality is constantly improving. chinaweilong.cn
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Apr 21 2021
wei long :
Understand The Production Precautions Of China Zinc Die Casting Manufacturer
Zinc die castings are currently widely used in various decorations, such as furniture accessories, architectural decorations, bathroom accessories, lighting parts, various metal buckles, etc. Therefore, the surface quality of the castings is high, and good surface treatment performance is required. Therefore, China zinc die casting manufacturer has always had high-quality requirements for zinc die casting parts.
... see more /> Issues that should be paid attention to in the production of zinc die casting , the ratio of the new material to the return material such as the nozzle, the return material should not exceed 50%, and the general new material 70%: the old material 30%; the aluminum and magnesium in the continuous remelting alloy are gradually reduced; When the nozzle material is remelted, the remelting temperature must be strictly controlled not to exceed 430℃ to avoid the loss of aluminum and magnesium; it is better to use a centralized furnace to melt the zinc alloy in a die-casting plant with conditions so that the alloy ingot and the reheating material are evenly proportioned. The flux can be used more effectively, keeping the alloy composition and temperature uniform and stable. Electroplating waste and fines should be melted separately.
Many problems need attention in the manufacturing of China lead die casting . chinaweilong.cn
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Apr 7 2021
wei long :
Introduce The Design Considerations Of Die Casting Manufacturer
With the rapid development of the die casting industry, die casting parts have been gradually applied in various fields, and the development of the Die casting manufacturer is also getting faster and faster. Many details need to be paid attention to in the production of die castings. Details determine success or failure, and these details can determine the quality of die castings. The structural design of castings should pay attention... see more to the following points.
It is necessary to easily manufacture a model, core box, and modeling: the external shape of the casting should be as simple as possible, and the flat surface of the casting type should be minimized to facilitate demolding; the lumen of the casting should not use core or should not be used during casting Try not to use it. When using the core, it is convenient to support, fix and vent the sand. If necessary, make enough technical holes; in the die direction of the inner and outer castings and the steel rib structure, a constant structural gradient must be established; to ensure the quality of the casting The formability is good, and the minimum thickness of the control casting exceeds the allowable value.
Nowadays, the production of die-casting parts is very standardized, and the gradual production of the OEM aluminum enclosure is also very strict, so the quality is relatively controlled. chinaweilong.cn
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Mar 31 2021
wei long :
Notes On OEM Aluminum Enclosure
OEM aluminum enclosure is used a lot, their raw materials are usually relatively simple, and the hardness is also high. OEM aluminum shell processing is very popular now, but what should be paid attention to for OEM aluminum shell?
Do not touch the measuring surface of the measuring tool with your hands, because wet dirt such as sweat on your hands will contaminate the measuring surface and make it rusty. Do not mix the measuring tool with other tools... see more and metal materials to avoid damage to the measuring tool.
The storage place of measuring tools should be kept clean, dry, free of vibration and corrosive gas, and should be far away from places with large temperature changes or places with magnetic fields. The measuring tools stored in the measuring toolbox should be clean and dry, and other sundries are not allowed to be stored.
For more details, please visit Die casting manufacturer . chinaweilong.cn
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Mar 24 2021
wei long :
China Zinc Die Casting Manufacturer'S Remaining Material Recovery Method
If China zinc die casting manufacturer does not properly handle the remaining materials, it will cause air pollution and environmental hazards. Therefore, we need to recycle the remaining materials. So how do we recycle it?
There are many ways to recover zinc alloy die-casting, and zinc alloy die-casting is an alloy composed of zinc as the main element, and there are other alloying elements, such as aluminum and... see more copper. The manufacturing process of zinc alloy die casting is usually divided into two types, one is cast zinc alloy and the other is deformed zinc alloy. Each method has different characteristics for zinc alloy casting.
Zinc alloy die-casting technology is widely used in the injection molding process, and its main advantage is to focus on improving the quality of castings. Anyone who understands zinc alloy dies casting knows that in the casting, the runner and remaining material are part of the casting. In the casting, they have no useful value, but these are still included in the cost of the casting. Simultaneous alloys are also recyclable. Generally, these remaining materials will be returned to the original supplier in exchange for new materials.
The leftover materials from China lead die casting also need to be recycled to exchange old materials for new materials. chinaweilong.cn
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Mar 10 2021
wei long :
About The Efficient Production Of Die Casting Manufacturer
In the die casting industry, what are the conditions that a Die casting manufacturer that produces hardware needs to have to improve the yield of die castings, ensure product quality, improve production efficiency and reduce the cost of die castings?
Efficient production: The hot chamber die-casting machine has high production efficiency. The temperature of the molten metal during die-casting is below 420. A pair of molds can... see more produce hundreds of thousands of products. The advanced-performance die-casting machine can realize fully automated production with low product production costs.
Requirements for die-casting production: manufacturing procedures are only part of the entire value chain, and the importance of product design and production procedure design is increasing day by day, mainly to improve the standardization, mechanization, and automation of production procedures, strengthen the inspection of the production process, and related The post-processing capabilities and surface treatment capabilities. From die-casting blanks to die-casting products, it is necessary to add value to the products to obtain greater benefits.
Hot-selling products such as OEM aluminum enclosure require a certain production speed. chinaweilong.cn
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