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Jul 2 2021
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Many people think that it is not worthwhile to spend money on an ergonomic computer chair , so let's take a look today. Let's first calculate an account. Assuming that an ordinary employee sits for 6 hours a day, and a month is calculated as 21 working da
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Jun 25 2021
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The Material Of The Metal Office Chair
Many materials can make the metal office chair around us, and the range of choices is also very wide. Today we talk about the material of the metal office chair.
From the wholesaler, more considerations are the cost of metal, the processing technology, the convenience of after-sales, the cost of transportation, and the degree of customer acceptance. As a consumer, you must also consider the service life, aesthetics, and style of the restaurant... see more or hotel. Wait, so which ones are more suitable?
Stainless steel, iron, aluminum alloy, etc. are all made of more materials, but aluminum-magnesium alloys, copper pipes, etc. are also suitable. The metal office chair only needs to choose products that suit you. However, metal office chairs are less used at home, and more often used in offices, outdoors, schools, and other occasions.
Therefore, there are many materials suitable for making metal office chairs, but in different situations, the materials used are also different, and the decision is based on the actual situation. The ergonomic computer chair is more comfortable and suitable for human body structure. www.on-sun.com
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Jun 4 2021
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Introduce The Meaning Of Custom Gaming Chairs
Nowadays, computers are gradually taking up a large part of our daily life. With computers, how come we lack the company of gaming chairs? However, there are many types of gaming chairs, it is difficult to choose, so custom gaming chairs will be very convenient.
The gaming chair is a special seat for e-sports, referred to as the gaming chair. It can be understood literally. The special chair for e-sports is suitable for situations where... see more e-sports competitions reach the level of "competitive" activities. The sport itself is an intellectual and operational confrontation using electronic equipment, which includes body reactions and coordination of limbs. Comprehensive response of ability.
Therefore, to help create a more comfortable seating environment and game experience during e-sports competitions, e-sports chairs are tailored specifically for e-sports players. With the frequent appearances in large-scale competitions at home and abroad, e-sports chairs have been No longer exclusive to the arena.
It is the same as the PU office chairs used in the office. www.on-sun.com
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May 28 2021
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Understand The Sitting Posture Requirements Of Ergonomic Gaming Chairs
Nowadays, many children are required to sit in a correct posture. It is not just children. Each of us should have a correct sitting posture. Improper sitting posture can cause some harm to our bodies. And ergonomic gaming chairs can give us some protection, but the sitting posture still needs to be correct.
When operating the seat cushion depth adjustment, the seat cushion needs to rely on the strength of the hips... see more to slide out. At this time, the back needs to rely on a fixed back cushion so that the force is emitted from the hips. If the back cushion is not in a locked state, the back will lose its strength. The strength of the buttocks is unable to exert force, and the seat cushion does not slide smoothly.
The correct angle of the armrest pad should be able to provide moderate support to your hand or elbow joint anytime and anywhere. Long-term lack of proper support on the hand or elbow joint can easily cause wrist tunnel syndrome and elbow joint syndrome. Of course, it also has the protection of the cervical spine. A certain relationship.
With the ergonomic gaming chair, you must also need the ergonomic gaming desk for a complete match. www.on-sun.com
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May 14 2021
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The Biggest Feature Of PU Office Chairs
As an iron-minded worker, whether working in the unit or at home after getting off work, he has to deal with computers for a long time. He spends most of the day sitting in a chair, and the subsequent backache is very tormenting. So the comfort of office chairs is very important, and PU office chairs are very comfortable.
The biggest feature of PU office chairs is that they are easy to clean and take care of. Especially the sofa chairs made of... see more PU leather and animal leather made of polyurethane are easier to clean. You only need to wipe it lightly with a wet towel to remove the dirt. Because the leather material of PU office chairs is soft and elastic, it is not easy to be deformed during use. Compared with the easy-to-deform mesh office chairs, it is more durable and strong. Although PU office chairs absorb some heat, their heat dissipation is also excellent. As long as you lightly tap a few times, you can dissipate the heat. When you sit down, you can feel that it is not so hot.
However, we can naturally choose custom gaming chairs to make the ones that best suit our wishes. www.on-sun.com
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Apr 30 2021
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The Choice Of Ergonomic Computer Chair
Society is constantly moving forward, and a lot of scientific furniture has appeared in our lives. The ergonomic computer chair is a product that integrates design science and beauty. But even if it is an ergonomic computer chair, we have many issues to consider when buying.
Whether it’s the fit and force of the seat back; whether the seat cushion’s ventilation, support, wrapping, or stress is pressing on the bottom; whether the height of the armrest... see more is appropriate, whether the chair’s balance is shaking, whether there is noise, whether the headrest position is appropriate, and whether the leg Whether we can step on the ground steadily, these are all issues we need to consider.
These different ways of using a computer chair determine your posture when using the computer, and will inevitably affect the size and height of the table you choose; whether the height of the chair can be half-lying, whether you need armrests or a headrest, Do not need to rotate, scroll wheel and so on.
So in general, choosing an ergonomic computer chair is not a particularly simple matter, especially an ergonomic computer chair that suits you. The choice of office chairs such as the metal office chair is the same, which requires multiple considerations. www.on-sun.com
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Apr 16 2021
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About The Characteristics Of Ergonomic Computer Chair
For people who need to face the computer for a long time, an ergonomic computer chair . It is very necessary. So let's take a look at the reasons.
If you want a good ergonomic computer chair, its related parts and facilities are also very important. The backrest part of the ordinary computer chair is fixed, and people are more restrained in using it. The advantage of the ergonomic computer chair is that its headrest, backrest, and... see more seat cushion can be adjusted. For example, the pillow of the black and white computer chair can be 360° Degree rotation, which helps us relax the neck muscles so that our cervical spine can be well relieved and relaxed.
Now more and more people choose ergonomic computer chair, which is inseparable from its comfort. As we mentioned earlier, the position of the headrest of the ergonomic computer chair is movable, which is also an obvious feature of its comfort. Also, the ergonomic computer chair has an automatic elastic adjustment waist pillow, which can be automatically adjusted according to the user’s sitting posture. Adjust the elasticity of the lumbar pillow to get the most comfortable support for the waist.
Of course, companies, still, choose the metal office chair instead of computer chairs. www.on-sun.com
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Apr 2 2021
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The Design Of The Ergonomic Gaming Desk
People who have been playing games for a long time or working at desks will more or less have some symptoms of discomfort, such as low back pain and cervical spine pain gradually. In addition to playing less and using less is one aspect, the other is to create a comfortable environment for yourself as much as possible. In this case, the ergonomic gaming desk and ergonomic gaming chairs can be thought of.
Some games are very demanding on peripherals... see more and computer environment. If a set of tables and chairs can be very comfortable to play such games, then it can handle any other situation. So understanding the needs is the first step. According to your own needs, you already know what kind of desktop you need to build. Many people think that appearance is important. Appearance is not the most important. We need to pursue a good appearance when the game table is easy to use and practical. Don't define the quality of the game table based on the appearance, except of course the money.
In addition to these, there are some functional designs, such as card slots or other more detailed designs. Generally speaking, those who have not played the game experience for a long time will not understand how important these designs are. Therefore, you still need to choose according to your own needs when purchasing.
With an ergonomic gaming desk, ergonomic gaming chairs are naturally indispensable. Generally speaking, a set of collocation will be better. www.on-sun.com
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Mar 19 2021
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Understand Ergonomic Gaming Chairs And Ergonomics
The term ergonomics has appeared very early, and then a lot of ergonomics-related products have appeared one after another, such as ergonomic gaming chairs. Today we will talk about ergonomic gaming chairs and ergonomics.
Everyone knows that the chair seat is fixed and tilted backward, which is not suitable for desk work and study. It will only make the spine more curved and lack of sight distance; one-sided emphasis on the angle change... see more of the table, but lack of the angle of the chair, it is difficult for people to truly realize The purpose of looking up. And ergonomic gaming chairs are quite effective enough to solve these problems.
Ergonomics mainly uses mesh, environmentally friendly cloth, high-quality memory cotton, and other elastic and environmentally friendly materials to make cushions and chair backs. The process design is very suitable for the development of new trends in future furniture. Moreover, it has good ventilation and heat dissipation characteristics, comfortable and health care, and can prevent the growth of bacteria in the chair during use. And it can reduce the area of ​​pressure on the buttocks, press the acupoints where the force is applied, promote blood circulation in the buttocks, avoid strain on the neck, shoulders, and waist, and keep you healthy.
Therefore, ergonomic products such as the ergonomic computer chair are very popular with everyone. www.on-sun.com
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Mar 5 2021
on sun :
Custom Gaming Computer Desk Choose Your Own
Many people think that computer desks are completely unnecessary, let alone custom gaming computer desk . But in fact, if you want to correct it this way. When we use the computer, no matter how we keep our distance, it will inevitably damage our eyes or our body. Some parents think that time control is enough, but this is only a temporary solution, not the root cause. It is even more important for office workers. It is simply a fantasy to want a... see more face-to-face brain for a short time.
Relax in the place where it should be relaxed, and give it up in the place where it should be. For us, gaming computer tables, especially the new generation of young people, have more advantages than disadvantages. However, when choosing a gaming computer table, you must pay attention to choosing a computer table that suits you. If it is really difficult to choose, then choose a custom gaming computer table. The recessed design of many gaming computer tables is to replace the function of the armrest of the seat with a desktop, which is more suitable for playing games by placing the arm directly on the table. After the arms are at the centerline of the body, they will not get stuck in the chest, which can make you sit more comfortably.
So, don't feel that this is unnecessary, you still need to buy it if you can. www.on-sun.com
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