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yuyao yuyaojinghaiboo :
PE Tubes Company Introduces The Use Characteristics Of PE Gaskets
PE Tubes Company introduced China PE gasket is suitable for all kinds of bottle cap linings, food bottle caps, cosmetic bottle caps, pesticide bottle caps, beverage bottle caps, and plays a role of leak-proof filling, as well as sealing gaskets for pump heads and spray heads. Various cosmetics and detergents. , All kinds of cosmetics, medicine, and food packaging containers bottle cap sealing gaskets, metal... see more box caps, sprinkling bottle cap sealing gaskets.

The products of Yuyao Jinhai Pe Gasket Manufacturers can be punched and die-cut in various shapes, specifications, sizes, and shapes according to the size requirements of customers. This product has good sealing performance, good flexibility, resilience, odorless, non-toxic, moisture-proof, and spinnable chemicals. Good performance and other advantages, with corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, weather resistance, waterproof, sealing, and protection.

Through the above introduction,Mist Pump Manufacturers hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.


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11 days ago
jordan lin :
Union x Air Jordan 2 styles to release during Spring 2022 https://www.newjordansretro.com/air-jordan-2/
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20 days ago
LP Industry :
Ultra Fine Enameled round Aluminum Wire
Class 180/200/220 over-coated Aluminium wire,class 180 self-bonding solderable over-coated enameled Aluminium wire
Material :
High quality aluminum
Good quality of insulation varnish

Standard :
Applicable standard or part of the reference standard

Feature :
High temperature resistance
Chemical corrosion resistance
Transformer oil resistance
... see more /> Low temperature resistance
Radiation resistance
High breakdown voltage
Good mechanical properties
Other features: Self-bonding,solderable

Application :
Can be winded neatly to increase the slot fullness and reduce the space, excellent formability, more surface area, good heat dissipation.
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20 days ago
yuyao yuyaojinghaiboo :
Pe Gasket Manufacturers Introduces The Requirements For The Use Of Emulsion Pump Heads

Pe Gasket Manufacturers introduces the relevant knowledge of lotion pump head:

1.The spreader is divided into two types: thorn type and spiral type. , Aerosol valve, airless bottle.
2. The size of the pump head matches the diameter of the bottle body. The spray standard is 12.5mm-24mm, and the water output is 0.1ml-0.2ml times. It is generally used for packaging perfumes, gel... see more water, and other commodities. The length of the same caliber can be based on the height of the bottle. Sure.

3. The standard scale of the emulsion pump is larger than 16ml to 38ml, and the water output is 0.28ml-3.1ml times. It is generally used for creams and detergents.

4. Special dispensers, such as foam pump heads and manual button sprayers. The foam pump heads are non-inflated manual pump heads, which can produce foam without inflating. Only light pressure can produce quantitative high-quality foam. It usually comes with a special bottle. Manual button sprayers are generally used for detergents and other commodities.

5. The distributor is generally composed of the dust cover, pressure head, pressure rod, gasket, piston, tension spring, valve, bottle cap, pump body, suction pipe, and valve ball (including steel ball and glass ball). The cap and dust cover can be colored, electroplated, and covered with an electrochemical aluminum ring. Since a set of pump heads involves more molds and the order quantity is large, the initial order quantity is 10,000-20000.

6. The airless bottle is generally cylindrical, the standard is 15ml-50ml, and the single bottle is 100ml. The overall volume is small. Relying on the principle of atmospheric pressure, it can prevent cosmetics from being polluted during use. Airless bottles are available in anodized aluminum, plastic plating, and colored plastics. The quotation is more expensive than other ordinary containers, and the general order demand is not high.

7. Dealer customers seldom open molds by themselves, they need more molds, and the cost is high.

Through the above introduction,Pe Tubes Manufacturers hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.

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26 days ago
Hua Guang :
Introduce The Role Of Empty Enteric Capsules Wholesale

The so-called Empty Enteric Capsules Wholesale is actually just adding a special medicinal polymer material or special treatment to the capsule shell to make it insoluble in the gastric juice, but only disintegrates and melts in the intestinal juice. The capsule will not be dissolved in the stomach, or in soaking water, or even in boiling water.

Empty Enteric Capsules Wholesale requires alkaline liquids in the intestines... see more to dissolve. Gastric acid is acidic, so the capsules will not dissolve in the stomach. If the enteric-coated capsules melt in the stomach, it may cause damage to the stomach.

Empty Enteric Capsules Wholesale is commonly used in the production of hard or soft capsules made of high-molecular materials (such as acrylic resin, cellulose acetate phthalate, etc.) or special treatment for medical education | net. The capsule shell is insoluble in gastric juice and only disintegrates and melts in the intestinal juice to release the drug. Capsules are made by coating enteric materials with a coating method, then filling them with drugs, and sealing them with enteric glue.

The capsules commonly seen in clinical practice are gelatin capsules, and the ingredients are gelatin. Medicinal gelatin is a high-grade glue made of animal skins, bones, and tendons and undergoing complex physical and chemical treatments. It has the physical characteristics of high viscosity, high freezing power, and easy freezing.

The digestive organs of the human body are mainly the stomach and intestines, the stomach is mainly acidic, and the intestines are alkaline. So according to this part, there are generally two types of capsules nowadays, one that dissolves in the stomach and the other that dissolves in the intestine. Because some drugs are more irritating to the stomach and have a harmful effect, they have no harm to the intestines. So for this part of the drug, Empty Capsule Manufacturers want to make these Empty Enteric Capsules Wholesale.

If you want to know more, please visit https://www.hgcaps.com/
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26 days ago
yongding yong :
China Hex Bolt Manufacturers Introduces The Use Characteristics Of 2h Heavy Hex Nuts

China Hex Bolt Manufacturers introduce How to use 2H Heavy Hex Nuts:

1. To bear a relatively large load, the structure has six bearing surfaces, which can bear tightening more than a flat screw and a cross screw. Remark name: Hexagon socket bolts are generally made of stainless steel, carbon steel, and carbon steel, which are basically the same as other screw raw materials. Possess high... see more performance and high compressive strength. When using screws, be sure to use screws with suitable performance levels in strict accordance with the applicable standards. At various levels, the price is not the same.

2. Lower your head to solve, sink the overall nut inside the product workpiece, which can maintain the surface of the product workpiece to be flat and beautiful.

3. Convenient installation. The hexagon socket screw is more suitable for installation places than the outer hexagon screw, especially in narrow places, so installation and maintenance are very convenient, and the adjustment is convenient.

4. It is not easy to disassemble. Use tools such as adjustable wrenches, screwdrivers, and Torx wrenches, and special wrenches must be used to disassemble the hexagonal bolts. Therefore, it is also an advantage that ordinary people are not easy to disassemble. If you have market competition, you can of course design a variety of weird structures. The problem is whether the special wrench is suitable.


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28 days ago
cnshunda yuyao :
Hollow Hex Plug Suppliers Introduces The Use Of Bsp Thread Fittings

Hollow Hex Plug Suppliers introduce Features of Bsp Thread Fittings :

1. The joint has high strength and good ductility, which can give full play to the strength and ductility of the steel base material. The joint performance meets the JGJ107-2003 grade I joint standard and can be broken from the base material.

2. The connection is convenient, fast, and easy to... see more operate.

3. Convenient and intuitive detection.

4. The straight thread of the steel bar can be prefabricated, and the sleeve can be produced in a factory, which does not take up the construction period and has high processing efficiency.

5. No electricity, no gas, no open flame operation, no oil leakage, and no pollution during the construction connection. It can be constructed all-weather.

6. It has strong applicability and can be operated flexibly in densely arranged steel bars in a small site.

7. It can connect horizontal, vertical, and oblique HRB335 and HRB400 steel bars with the same diameter or different diameters.

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Nov 4 2021
LP Industry :
[url=https://www.lpenamelwire.com/products/]Enameled wire[/url] is the main raw material for voice coil winding. It is mainly composed of conductor and insulator. After the bare wire is softened by annealing, it is painted and heated for many times. However, it is not easy to produce that not only meets the standard requirements, but also meets the needs of various customers. It is restricted by the quality of raw materials, process parameters, production equipment, environment and other factors.... see more Therefore, even the same kind of enameled wire may have different quality. All have mechanical properties, chemical properties, electrical properties, and thermal properties.
Enameled wire is the main raw material for products such as speakers, wireless charging and motors. Especially the rapid development of the mobile phone 3C industry in recent years has brought wireless business opportunities to the application of enameled wire, and of course, it also puts forward higher requirements for products. For this reason, the adjustment of the product industry structure is inevitable, and the matching raw materials (copper, lacquer), enameling process, process equipment and testing methods also need to be improved.

When we use automatic winding machines for winding production, alcohol-soluble self-adhesive enameled wires and hot-air self-adhesive enameled wires are more commonly used. [url=https://www.lpenamelwire.com/ecca/]Alcohol-soluble self-adhesive is alcohol-based self-adhesive enameled wire[/url]. During the winding process, appropriate alcohol is added to the product to achieve the natural bonding of the wound coils to form. Generally, industrial alcohol is used, and the concentration is selected according to the characteristics of the enameled wire. Depending on the product to be wound, the selected process is different. When winding the self-adhesive coil of the voice coil, some need to be put into the oven for a period of time to bake.

Hot air self-adhesive is the form of blowing part of the product coil during the winding process to achieve the self-adhesive effect. The temperature of the hot air should also be adjusted according to the characteristics of the paint film, winding speed, wire diameter and other factors, such as general winding A voice coil made of 300 degrees is enough, and some coils with special needs need to reach a temperature of 700 degrees.

The industry standard of enameled wire is of great significance to the winding industry. It directly affects the [url=https://www.lpenamelwire.com/enameled-aluminum-wire/]winding[/url] speed, technology, yield, etc. of the winding machine. Before the winding operation, we must first understand the various parameters of the enameled wire, and formulate a practical winding plan, and make some adjustments through the winding product to optimize the efficiency of the winding machine and the quality of the winding product combination.
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glejin taizhou :
Floating Pontoon Dock Factory Introduces The Use Process Of The Float

Floating Pontoon Dock Factory introduces the scope of application of pontoons:

1. The buoy bridge, the shape design of the buoy is generally a cube with different colors. Some manufacturers will also design other shapes according to the design plan of the specific construction project. The surface of the buoy is designed with anti-skid patterns on the ground. Relative to the earring connector, the... see more load per square meter can reach 350kg. Due to its excellent impact resistance, characteristics, and reasonable price, the pontoon has gradually risen in countries all over the world. The key is to use tough polymer materials such as high-pressure polyethylene (HDPE), which has excellent weather resistance and impact resistance. It can block ultraviolet rays, prevent cold, and resist corrosion of sea chemical raw materials and oil stains. The key is environmental protection, which can be recycled.

2. The pontoon platform, due to the characteristics of the pontoon itself, is widely used in marine entertainment and leisure, marine outdoor activities, port engineering projects, marine outdoor activities, marine performances, and other new projects. Mainly manifested as ship ports, bridges, marine service platforms, marine swimming pools, fish cages in cages, marine competition service platforms, and motorboat ports. Whether it is a quiet, mirror-like water surface, or a magnificent river and sea level, the pontoon can give full play to its functions.

3. Offshore natatorium It is understood that the development trend of photovoltaic projects in my country in recent years and buoys have also been used for the basic construction of solar power generation on the river surface. This kind of new distributed photovoltaic projects that are basically constructed above the river surface is much more expensive than those of Eastern and Western companies. Concerned, as the main support point service platform of the solar power station on the river, the characteristics of the pontoons are also matched. Then some friends will wonder whether such raw materials will be complicated at the operation level? Actually, it is not. The pontoon has commonly used connection parts when it is built. It can be installed according to the order. The method of fixing is generally to drop anchors in the water or fix the foundation piles. When the water level changes from left to right, it will serve. The platform can fluctuate at will with the ups and downs of the water level, without manual adjustment and no drift.

The above content is organized and shared by Floating Dock Plastic Pontoon Wholesaler, hoping to help those in need.


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Nov 3 2021
hangzhou hzqj :
How To Clean Up Bicycle Drive Chain

Bicycle Drive Chain cleanup requirements:

1. The chain is most afraid of getting stuck, and it takes a lot of effort to loosen it. After loosening in this way, the chain will not run smoothly, the power of the engine will also be consumed on the rotating chain, and it may even cause the chain to fall off. Therefore, the usual cleaning of the chain is extremely important.

2. Before starting the cleaning, remember... see more to prepare an oil receiving basin under the chain. Do not allow the dirty chain of oil to directly contact the ground, causing environmental pollution. Most of my friends would recommend using kerosene to clean the chain, and the effect is quite good.

3. If it is a non-oil-sealed chain, it can be cleaned with kerosene without any problem. If it is an oil seal chain, it is not recommended to use kerosene to clean it. The reason is that kerosene may cause the elasticity of the oil seal to deteriorate, which will accelerate the aging of the oil seal, and cause the lubricating oil in the bushing to be thrown out and lose the lubrication effect, and also reduce the life of the oil seal chain.

4. Acidic substances can severely damage the chain and are absolutely prohibited. The more recommended way is to buy the original chain cleaner to spray, so the effect will be better.

5. When using a chain cleaner for cleaning, please remember to run in the opposite direction of the chain to avoid accidents of pinching your hands.

The above content is organized and shared by Heavy Duty Motorcycle Chains Exporter, hoping to help those in need.

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