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Mining Ball Valves Factory Introduces The Use Of High Pressure Ball Valves

Now, the high-pressure ball valve is widely used in life. It has become an indispensable product in people’s lives. Its existence has changed a lot of inconveniences in people’s lives. Therefore, it is loved by people in the market and prepared in the same industry. Strongly recognized by people. Below, Mining Ball Valves Factory introduce the advantages of high-pressure ball valves.

1. It is... see more safe to use. When using the high-pressure ball valve, people only need to use it according to the instructions of the manual, and there will be no failure. However, for the voltage problem, it is recommended that people pay attention to it, so the performance may be better. The security will be higher.

2. The price is very cheap. Compared with ordinary ball valves, the high-pressure ball valve has a lot of discount in price because its structure is not very complicated. Therefore, the price is relatively low, and the cost is low, so people should understand that the price is low.

3. The appearance is not heavy, the high-pressure ball valve actually does not occupy a large space in space, and the appearance is more beautiful.

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zheng mao :
1 Maintenance status of Inch Pneumatic Tools Manufacturers

What does it take to maintain air tools from 1 Inch Pneumatic Tools Manufacturers?

Maintaining an air tool includes keeping the tool in good operating condition. There are two types of maintenance:
Preventive maintenance involves all simple, regular and predictable actions that can be used to reduce the risk of tool failure. These range from regular lubrication to replacing parts that we can predict will... see more wear out before they cause downtime.
Corrective maintenance is performed reactively and includes any action to repair the tool after an unexpected failure. Such failures may be due to damaged parts or lack of proper preventive maintenance.
Air Tool Preventive Maintenance Essentials
Ensure the quality and pressure of the air supply. Air cleaning and lubrication are important, so using a Filter Regulator Lubricator (FRL) will optimize tool performance and life. Exact air specifications will be given in the tool's operating manual.
Install and lubricate the tool according to the instructions. Follow the manufacturer's specifications for each tool's setup, lubrication, and wear parts. The manufacturer's maintenance kit is designed to simplify the process. How often wear parts need to be replaced depends on tool size and application.

Optimize downtime and uptime. When air tools are taken off the line for planned maintenance, this time is also used to perform visual inspections and assess wear on other components. If disassembly and reassembly are required, be sure to follow the manufacturer's recommendations and use original spare parts for these operations.
Store tools properly. When not in use, they should be stored in a warehouse away from moisture or extreme temperatures as recommended in the tool's user manual.

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our website:https://www.zjzmtools.com/
our website:https://www.zjzmtools.com/product/pneumatic-tools/1-inch-pneumatic-tools/
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cnshunda yuyao :
Stainless Steel Hose Fittings Manufacturers Introduces The Knowledge Of The Use Of Hose Fitting Seals

Stainless Steel Hose Fittings Manufacturers introduce In the hydraulic system of the main engineering machinery product, the common oil ports that cooperate with Hose Fittings have the following types:

3.1 O-ring seal with 15° internal chamfered oil port structure with counterbore groove on metric, American and British threaded column ends

The 15° internal... see more chamfered oil port type is more commonly used in the design of the pump (executor) and motor (power unit) oil inlet and outlet ports in the hydraulic pipeline, as shown in Figure 1. The thread form is produced by the pump and the motor. Manufacturers connect according to different standards, metric thread (ISO 6149-1 standard), American unified thread (ISO 11926-1 standard), and inch pipe thread (JIS B2351 standard). The sealing form is O-ring sealing.

3.2 Metric and inch threaded column end elastic sealing ring or metal-to-metal sealing flat oil port structure

This kind of oil port is commonly used in the design of statically sealed oil inlet and outlet ports such as valves, confluence blocks, and pumps in hydraulic pipelines, as shown in Figure 2. The machining process is relatively simple compared to the 15° internal chamfering of the oil port, but after the internal thread is processed, the oil port is flattened with a shallow sink to ensure the verticality requirements between the pipe joint and the oil port sealing surface, so that the pipe joint and the ED The gasket and the countersink plane of the oil port are completely attached to form a seal and reduce the leakage of the connecting surface.

According to different standards, manufacturers of flat oil ports have metric threads (GB/T 19674.1 standard) and inch pipe threads (ISO1179-1 standard) for connection. The sealing form is sealed by ED elastic sealing ring, or with pipe joints and oil. The sharp corners between the mouths are sealed.

3.3 British tapered pipe thread seal, American NPT tapered pipe threaded port structure

(1) Inch 55° threaded cone pipe thread sealing oil port structure: also called threaded oil port, as shown in Figure 3. The limit size and tolerance of this thread meets the requirements of GB/T 7306. When connecting with pipe joints, no packing or sealing medium is required to prevent leakage. The connection of conical internal thread oil and conical external thread joints can be used under high temperature and high pressure. use;

(2) U.S.-made 60° tooth-shaped pyramid pipe threaded NPT seal oil port structure: as shown in Figure 3, the limit size and tolerance comply with GB/T 12716 regulations, which are mainly used for fuel and lubricating oil pipeline joints, and at the same time It is also suitable for high temperature and high pressure systems.

For more product information, please click here: Metric Thread Fittings.

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huzhou fuji :
Bed Elevator Factory Introduces How To Ride The Elevator

Kick the door, slam the door, knock the door... These dangerous behaviors, do you take the elevator? Among the citizens who participated in the survey, 16% of the respondents indicated that they had occasionally had these dangerous behaviors. Even 2.5% of the respondents said that they often do these behaviors when riding in the elevator. In comparison, smoking and jumping in elevators are more common. Three-quarters... see more of those surveyed said they saw it often.

In life, many people often operate illegally when using elevators: repeatedly pressing the door switch button, the elevator opens the door overtime, etc., transporting decoration garbage, throwing sundries, or bumping into the elevator when carrying heavy objects such as furniture and building materials, and forcibly when overloaded. Squeeze in, press all floor buttons... these are actually dangerous "red light" behaviors.

Bed Elevator Factory hereby reminds everyone that acts such as picking doors are very dangerous actions, which will cause the elevator to stop suddenly, malfunction, and cause personal injury, which are absolutely unacceptable behaviors. Smoking and jumping in the elevator car are behaviors that violate elevator safety rules and are prone to potential safety hazards. In addition, there are electric vehicles or bicycles entering the elevator car or hitting the elevator door, which also has certain hazards.

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zheng mao :
Introduction of Pressure Washer Accessories For Sale

Component introduction of Pressure Washer Accessories For Sale

The spray gun is the element that actually operates the nozzle of each high-pressure washer: it is connected to the delivery hose on one side, and to the spray gun on the other side to control the spray, and through the lever to drive and control the release of pressurized water.

In addition, a spray gun equipped with a... see more flow regulator allows you to adjust the spray force to adjust the pressure and flow in proportion.

The spray gun consists of a rigid metal or plastic tube, which is connected to the spray gun at one end through a quick connector. However, at the other end, the nozzle from which the pressurized water actually flows is fixed.

There are different types of spray guns, depending on their type of use: straight and curved, simple with fixed nozzles, with variable nozzles, with rotating nozzles, up to spray guns dedicated to car washing or steam applications.

The main types include:

High pressure spray gun (straight or curved) with fixed, rotating or adjustable spray head;
Equipped with a foaming spray gun with a tank for delivering detergent. The suction of the cleaning agent is carried out by the Venturi system at the outlet of the spray gun: in this way, the cleaning agent is mixed with low-pressure water to produce a dense and effective foam. The professional spray gun can be equipped with a detergent flow regulator at the outlet;
Sandblasting guns are particularly effective for removing rust, paint and crusts: in fact, the power of the spray is amplified by the sand or bicarbonate sucked by the special probe, which mixes with water and creates friction on the treated surface, thus showing that To increase the effectiveness of washing.

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yongding yong :
Hex Nut Manufacturers Introduces The Installation Strategy Of Bolts

Hex Nut Manufacturers introduces the installation requirements and storage methods of high-strength bolts:

1. When high-strength bolts leave the factory, they must be produced and supplied by the manufacturer in batches, with a factory combination.

2. The combination of high-strength bolts should comply with national standards and relevant regulations. High-strength bolt connections... see more must be matched in the same batch.

3. Storage and transportation supply. In the entire process of high-strength bolt connection, box separation, unloading and transportation, it is necessary to lighten the weight and pay special attention to prevent packaging.

4. When the installation is damaged, special attention should be paid to the threaded part of the high-strength bolt.

5. When packing high-strength bolts, the specifications and product batch numbers of the packed high-strength bolts should be clearly indicated.

6. Classified storage according to the delivery date. If high-strength bolts are stored in an indoor warehouse, their accumulation cannot exceed three layers. Otherwise, it is not only unfavorable for handling, but also easy to collapse. In the warehouse where high-strength bolts are stored, indoor moisture-proof work must be done well and long-term protection must be ensured.

7. It is dry and needs to prevent rust and dirt from being smeared. This is to prevent the torque coefficient of high-strength bolts from changing and the product is scrapped.

8. Only by storing high-strength bolts in strict accordance with the requirements of the warehouse, can the product be protected for a longer time. For safety reasons, high-strength bolts must be re-inspected after six months of storage. It is best to do an experiment before use.

Through the above introduction, Hex Bolt Wholesaler hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.

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zheng mao :
Features of High-pressure Washer Suppliers

Two great things you can do with High-Pressure Washer Suppliers' high-pressure washers

Clean and tidy driveway
Driveways are often plagued by car liquids, rain, dirt on shoes, and even dust on nearby roads. This will make your driveway mottled and dirty. Over time, the surface of the lane may even weaken.

The high-pressure cleaner can quickly remove dirt, oil and anything else that has accumulated on the... see more driveway. To clean all dirt and grime, perform high-pressure washing at the top of the driveway and continue washing until you reach the apron.

Shiny clean fence
Vinyl fence or any fence made of attractive wood can greatly increase the attractiveness of your home's fence, but all of these can be destroyed by algae, dirt, and mold that have accumulated over the years.

A high-pressure cleaner is the fastest way to solve this small problem. Whether you plan to sell your house or plan to renovate for the coming spring, it doesn't matter, because the high pressure washer always gets the job done! But use a lower setting for the cork, otherwise you may chip or damage it.

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our website:https://www.zjzmtools.com/
our website:https://www.zjzmtools.com/product/washer-and-washer-pump/high-pressure-cleaner/
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Dec 20 2021
cnshunda yuyao :
Hose Fittings Suppliers Introduces The Cleaning Strategy Of Hydraulic Pipe Joints

Hose Fittings Suppliers introduces the principle of hydraulic pipe fittings:

1. Introduction of hydraulic pipe joints: hydraulic pipe joints are a connection component, a connection joint between high-pressure oil pipes and high-pressure oil pipes. Pipe joints, high-pressure ball valves, etc.

2. The principle of hydraulic pipe joints: different types of joints have... see more different principles. Here is a small editor to introduce the relevant principles of welded pipe joints. Welded pipe joints are welded as the name suggests, and the joints and the pipes are in a circular shape. seal. The structure of this pipe joint is relatively simple, the manufacturing cost is not high, it is relatively easy to manufacture, and the sealing performance is good. It's just that the welding quality is very demanding, and it is inconvenient to install and disassemble.

3. Cleaning of hydraulic pipe joints: There are two types of cleaning of hydraulic pipe joints: kerosene cleaning and pickling. Kerosene cleaning is mainly for copper pipes and stainless steel pipes. First, remove the pipes and joints to be cleaned, and use a cloth to moisten them with kerosene. Clean the viewing scene in the internal test, and then directly soak the ends and joints in kerosene for cleaning. The standard after cleaning is that there should be no visible contaminants. Pickling is mainly for steel pipes with severe corrosion. First, degreased, washed with water, then derusted, and then neutralized with lye. Be careful not to wash the marks on the pipes.

Through the above introduction, Hydraulic Fittings Suppliers hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.

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