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Bert linsheng :
Linsheng Company Introduces How To Use Emergency Power

Linsheng company introduced that the emergency power supply adopts single inverter technology, which integrates charger, battery, inverter, and controller. The battery detection and shunt detection loops are designed in the system, and the backup operation mode is adopted.

1. When the mains power is normal, the mains power is supplied to the important load through the mutual input device, and the mains detection... see more and battery charging management are performed at the same time, and then the battery pack provides DC energy to the inverter. Here, the charger is an It only needs to provide a low-power DC power supply with a charging current equivalent to 10% of the battery capacity (Ah) to the battery pack. It does not have the ability to directly provide DC power to the inverter. At this time, the city power passes through the AC side of the EPS The power supply system composed of the circuit and transfer switch supplies power to the user’s various emergency loads. At the same time, under the control of the EPS logic control board, the inverter stops working and is in an automatic shutdown state. Under this condition, the user load is actually The power source used is the city power from the grid. Therefore, the EPS emergency power source is usually said to be always working in a sleep state, which can effectively achieve the effect of energy-saving.

2. When the mains power supply is interrupted or the mains voltage exceeds the limit (±15% or ±20% of the rated input voltage), the mutual input device will immediately switch to the inverter for power supply, and the DC energy provided by the battery pack supports At this time, the power used by the user load is the AC power converted by the EPS inverter, not from the mains.

3. When the mains voltage returns to normal operation, the EPS control center sends a signal to automatically shut down the inverter, and at the same time, it also performs the switching operation from the inverter power supply to the AC bypass power supply through its transfer switch. After that, While EPS provides commercial power to the load through the AC bypass power supply path, it also charges the battery pack through the charger.

Through the above introduction, Spotlight Company hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.
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Gel King added new blog post

How long does it take to replace the non-woven disposable protective mask? In the haze, disposable non-woven masks are essential personal protective equipment. Different ambient air quality requires different disposable non-woven masks. There are professi
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anna xinxinmetal :
Die Casting Supplier Introduces The Maintenance Features Of Aluminum Die Castings

Die Casting Supplier Introduces the most common forms of mold damage are cracks and cracks. Stress is the main cause of mold damage. Thermal, mechanical, chemical, and operational shocks are all sources of stress, including mechanical stress and thermal stress. Improper heat treatment during mold processing will result in mold cracking and premature scrapping, especially if only quenching and... see more tempering is used without quenching. , And then surface nitriding process, surface cracks and cracks will appear after die casting several thousand times.

The stress generated during the quenching of steel is the result of the superposition of the thermal stress during the cooling process and the structural stress during the phase transformation. The quenching stress is the cause of deformation and cracking, and the solid must be tempered to eliminate the stress. During the production process, the mold temperature mold should be preheated to a certain temperature before production. Otherwise, chilling will occur when the high-temperature molten metal is filled, which will cause the temperature gradient inside and outside the mold to increase, forming thermal stress, and cracking the mold surface. Even cracking.

In the production process, the mold temperature continues to rise. When the mold temperature is overheated, it is easy to produce mold sticking, and the moving parts fail to cause damage to the mold surface. A cooling temperature control system should be installed to keep the mold working temperature within a certain range.

Through the above introduction, Aluminum Die Casting Manufacturers hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.
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zhuangheningbo zhuangheningbo :
Cheap Hotel Furniture Factory Introduces The Correct Customized Furniture Strategy

Hotel furniture customization is made according to the characteristics of the house type, making the ultimate use of every inch of space and being favored by consumers. The following Cheap Hotel Furniture Factory teaches you 6 principles of hotel furniture customization.
1. Environmental protection of materials
According to the material, the furniture can be divided into solid... see more wood furniture, panel furniture, steel furniture, plastic furniture, fabric furniture, rattan furniture, hotel furniture customization, and even popular paper furniture. No matter what kind of furniture you choose, it must be healthy and environmentally friendly. When buying customized hotel furniture, you can check the relevant quality inspection report to ensure that the customized hotel furniture you buy is healthy and environmentally friendly.

2. The smell is not irritating
The smell is one of the criteria for judging the environmental protection of hotel furniture customization. Environmentally-friendly hotel furniture customization should be free of pungent odors. If you smell the furniture, you will find the odor irritating, so you need to buy it carefully. The heavier the pungent odor, the higher the formaldehyde content may be. However, even if some hotel furniture does not smell heavy, the material is still substandard. Therefore, before purchasing, be sure to ask the merchant to show the relevant environmental certificate.

3. The surface should be smooth
If the hotel furniture is custom-painted on the surface, you need to touch it with your hand when you buy it to see if the paint is smooth, wrinkled and if there is any paint drop. Generally, the hotel furniture custom made by formal manufacturers is very elegant in the paint.

4. The structure must be strong
Whether it is buying a custom wardrobe, a custom TV cabinet, or a custom bookcase, all hotel furniture is a must and a prerequisite. When looking at the hotel furniture, you can shake it to test the stability and firmness of the hotel furniture. If the furniture shakes or makes noise, be careful. Such furniture may not be strong.

5. Reasonable installation of accessories
Check the function of the custom-made door lock switch of the hotel furniture and pay attention to the details. For example, the large cabinet should be equipped with 3 concealed hinges, but only 2 will not work; 3 screws should be installed, some cut corners, only one The screws will fall out after use, so please check them carefully.

6. The edge banding should be flat
The custom-made hotel furniture has uneven edges, indicating that the interior material is wet. The sealing edge should also be rounded, not straight. Edges sealed with wooden strips are prone to damp or crack. For the hotel furniture with three plywood panels, the wrapping strips are nailed. Pay attention to whether the nail holes are flat and whether the color of the nail holes is consistent with other parts. Usually, the nail holes are sealed with putty. Pay attention to whether the putty has bulged up. If it does, the putty will fall out slowly. Whether the edge banding is flat is to check the product quality and service quality of a custom hotel furniture manufacturer.

Through the above introduction, Hotel Guest Room Furniture Manufacturers hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.

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yuyao yuyaojinghaiboo :
Lotion Pump Manufacturer Introduces The Design Requirements Of Foam Pump Heads

In our daily life, we can use a lot of products such as foaming agents. The generation of foam is related to the foam pump head used. The manufacturer of foam pump heads is well known, but what else is it related to? Let's take a look at what else is related to Lotion Pump Manufacturer below.

First of all, the foam pump head, there will be bubbles because of the presence of surfactants... see more in these cleaning agents, which is also the main substance that can play a cleaning role.

Common surfactants are composed of two parts, one is a hydrophilic (oleophobic) head group, and the other is a lipophilic (hydrophobic) carbon chain. When cleaning the surface, the lipophilic carbon chain is combined with oily substances , And then rinsed with water, the hydrophilic head base is combined with water, and the stain is washed away.

Through the above introduction, Mist Pump Wholesaler hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.
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yongding yong :
Stud Bolt Manufacturer Introduces How To Use Hexagon Slotted Nuts\

Hexagonal slotted nuts are also divided into many types in terms of materials, so do you know how to use hexagonal slotted nuts and how to disassemble them? Let's introduce to everyone below Stud Bolt Manufacturer .

The purpose of the hexagonal slotted nut is to fix the front and rear axles of the vehicle by tightening the screws on the front and rear axles, thereby fixing the frame and... see more the tires together. To fix the hex slotted nut, the split pin must pass through the middle of the axle screw. Usually, it is necessary to drill the axle screws at both ends. The diameter of the hole and the groove width and depth of the hexagonal slotted nut In order to select the specifications of the cotter pin, when the selected wheel axle screw and cotter pin are more matched with the hexagonal slotted nut, the nut will pass the front wheel fixing frame through the axle screw , The split pin passes through the hole fastener of the axle screw. Hold the hex slotted nut so that the hex slotted nut will not loosen even when the vehicle is driving.

The disassembly operation of the hexagonal slotted nut: If the head of the hexagonal slotted nut is slightly higher or flat than the plane of the fixed part, a hexagonal nut with a slightly smaller outer diameter than the head of the hexagonal slotted nut needs to be fixed to the hexagon On the slotted nut head, finally spot weld the nut with the hexagonal slotted nut head. After cooling, use a movable hand to tighten the nut, and then take out the hexagon socket bolt.
Through the above introduction, Bolts Factory hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.

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At present, household villa elevators are divided into three types according to the driving mode: traction elevator, hydraulic elevator and screw elevator. Traction elevators are a more common type of elevator in daily public places. The structure is rela
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taizhou suqier :
Electric Bike Manufacturer Introduces The Strategy Of Battery Car Charging

Electric Bike Manufacturer introduces when is the most suitable charging time for electric vehicles?

The timing of charging the battery of an electric vehicle can be determined according to the situation. Usually, about 20%-30% of the remaining battery is most suitable for charging. Don't wait for the battery to run out and recharge, so as not to shorten the battery life due to "deep discharge".... see more But don't be too entangled, you must use the power to 20%-30% and then recharge. In actual use, if the remaining power is less than 50%, you can charge it reasonably according to your needs.

It should be noted that it is best to avoid charging the battery immediately when the battery temperature is too high, such as high-speed riding or after the vehicle is exposed to the sun in summer. Charging when the battery temperature is too high will not only damage the battery, but may even cause spontaneous combustion in severe cases.

Through the above introduction, EEC Electric Bike Manufacturers hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.

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wei long :
Where Is The Advantage Of OEM Aluminum Enclosure
Everyone should know that most of the mobile phone cases, TV cabinets, etc., most of these items are made of aluminum alloy materials, that is, OEM aluminum enclosure .
Plastic shell The charger shell is a shell produced from a plastic material through an injection molding machine. There are charger shells, adapter shells, power supply shells, switching power supply shells, industrial power supply shells, inverter shells, LED power supply... see more shells, and aluminum Profile shells are processed by supplied materials. Good-quality hardware shells have significant differences in performance. These hardware shells are diverse in variety, widely used, and have broad prospects.
OEM aluminum enclosure has lightweight, strong compressive strength, beautiful surface, layered feeling, and strong corrosion resistance. It is in line with contemporary aesthetics, low-key and luxurious, and is favored by many customers.
There are many applications of the aluminum housing, so Die casting manufacturer is very concerned about the quality of aluminum housing.chinaweilong.cn
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bai ling :
12v Dc Freezer Current
There are many types of refrigerators, but most refrigerators use direct current, such as 12V DC Freezer , today we come to understand the current vividly.
Beginners learning electronics will feel that electricity is too abstract, so we can compare electricity to familiar things, because electricity is very similar to water flow, so we can think of "electricity" as "water", and "circuit" is equivalent to "waterway". Of course, we can also use other things as... see more a metaphor.
Recall that when the water in the canal was flowing, we were standing somewhere in the canal. Does the amount of water flow through here change over time? It’s more for a while and less for a while. The same is true for electricity in the process of flowing. The magnitude (amplitude) of alternating current is constantly changing, while the magnitude of direct current (such as dry batteries) is unchanged.
In electronic technology majors, electricity with varying amplitudes is generally called alternating current, and the signals we often mention (such as sound signals, image signals, temperature signals, etc.) are alternating current. The electricity whose amplitude and direction do not change is called direct current, and its purpose is to provide energy (ie, power supply) for the circuit. This kind of current is used in the mini car freezer .chinafreezers.com
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