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Aug 30 2022
commodity kaya :
How To Solve The Problem That The Spray Bottle Can't Spray Water
I believe everyone is familiar with the spray bottle. It has many uses, and there are many users who use it. We can use the spray bottle to water flowers, and we can also use it to wash cars and clean glass in our lives. Although A spray bottle is a small tool, but it can help us more than a little in our lives. We generally choose high-quality products when choosing a spray bottle. If the spray bottle cannot spray water, it... see more is more troublesome. So what is the reason if our spray bottle can't spray water? Next, let's analyze why the spray bottle can't spray water and its solution.

method one:

It may be because the nozzle of the spray bottle is blocked by foreign objects. If there are a lot of attachments on the nozzle of the spray bottle, we can use a towel to clean the nozzle. If there are particles drilled into the nozzle hole, we can use a sharp object to pick out the particles. .

Method Two:

It may be because the water pump components are broken. We can check the parts that make up the water pump. If possible, we need to repair the water pump. If the water pump is not repaired, replace it with a new spray bottle.

Method three:

It may be due to the uneven distribution of the objects in the bottle that the spray bottle cannot spray anything. At this time, you can shake the spray bottle up and down, left and right, and the remaining objects on the spray bottle are evenly distributed to spray something.

Method four:

It may be because the nozzle has sunk down. If the nozzle of the spray bottle has sunk, you can pull the nozzle up to the same height as the original. Only when the nozzle returns to the original position can you spray something.

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Aug 29 2022
jordan lin :
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Jul 14 2022
yuyao yuyaojinghaiboo :
Installation Tips For Pe Tubes
PE Tubes installation requirements

1. Before construction, do a visual inspection of the pipes, fittings, etc., and those that are found to be problematic cannot be used.

2. Due to the lightweight of the HDPE pipe body, it can be moved manually during the installation process. Generally, no machinery is required. Therefore, when putting it into the trench, it must not be in contact with the trench wall and... see more bottom. Violent collision.

3. When installing valves and pipe fittings with flange interfaces, measures should be taken to prevent external tensile stress. Brick buttresses should be installed under valves with a diameter greater than 100mm;

4. When high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipes pass through obstacles such as railways and highways, casing pipes should be installed to protect the pipes.

5. When pipeline installation and laying works are interrupted, use wooden plugs or other cover plugs to close the pipe openings to prevent debris from entering the pipeline.

6. When welding pipe fittings, the heating head corresponding to the size of the pipe to be welded should be assembled to the welding machine, connected to the power supply, and waiting for the heating head to reach a temperature of 260 ℃, and at the same time insert the pipes and fittings into the fusion splicer, and heat it for the specified time, After heating, take out the pipe and fittings and connect them immediately. When the pipes and fittings are connected, if the positions of the two are not correct, a small amount of adjustment can be made within a certain period of time, but the torsion angle should not exceed 5 degrees.

Through the above introduction,Mist Pump Manufacturers hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.

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Jul 12 2022
yongding yong :
Hex Nut Manufacturers Introduces The Knowledge Of Handling Loose Hex Bolts
Hex Nut Manufacturers Introduces 5 ways to prevent the Heavy Hex Bolt from loosening:

1. Friction and anti-loosening
This is the most widely used anti-loosening method. This method generates a positive pressure between the thread pairs that do not change with the external force, so as to generate a friction force that can restrain the relative rotation of the thread pair. This... see more positive pressure can be achieved by pressing the thread pair axially or in both directions at the same time. Such as elastic washers, double nuts, self-locking nuts, and nylon insert lock nuts. This anti-loose squares method is more convenient for the disassembly of the nut, but in the environment of shock, vibration, and variable load, the preload force of the bolt will drop due to relaxation at first. It will cause the nut to loosen and the threaded connection to fail.

2. Mechanical anti-loosening
Use split pins, stop gaskets and string wire ropes, etc. The mechanical anti-loosening method is more reliable, and the mechanical anti-loosening method should be used for important connections.

3. Permanent anti-loose
Spot welding, riveting, bonding, etc. In this method, threaded fasteners are mostly crushed during disassembly and cannot be reused.

4. Riveting and anti-loosening
After tightening, punching, welding, bonding, and other methods are used, so that the threaded pair loses the characteristics of the movable pair and the connection becomes an inseparable connection. The disadvantage of this method is that the bolt can only be used once, the disassembly is very difficult, and the bolt pair must be crushed to be disassembled.

5. Structural anti-loose
The structure anti-loosening does not rely on the manpower outside the circle, but only on its own structure. The structural anti-loosening method is Down's thread anti-loosening method, which is also the best anti-loosening method to

start and achieve, but it is not known to most people.

Through the above introduction,Hex Bolt Manufacturers hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.

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Jul 7 2022
wistar motor :
Tubular Motor Manufacturers Introduces The Wiring Knowledge Of Roller Blind Tube Motors
Tubular Motor Manufacturers introduces The wiring method of Roller Shutter Tubular Motor :

1. Communication method. Suppose the windings of each phase are numbered as U1, U2, V1, V2, and W1, W2, connect according to figure b), and turn on the power. If the light is off, the wire ends connected to the two windings are both the head end or the tail end; if the light is on, they... see more are not the same head end or tail end.

2. Assume that there is residual magnetism in the asynchronous motor. Assume that the windings of each phase are numbered U1, U2, V1, V2, and W1, W2), and turn the rotor of the motor. If the pointer of the multimeter does not move, it proves that the numbering of the head and tail is correct; if the pointer of the multimeter does not move Oscillating means that one of the phase numbers is incorrect at the beginning and end, and should be adjusted and retested phase by phase until it is correct.

3. Use the residual magnetism of the motor rotor and the multimeter method.

①Using a multimeter to electrically block out the two wire ends of the same phase winding.

② Connect the three-phase windings together in parallel, measure the current or voltage at both ends of the parallel windings with the milliampere or low-voltage gear of the multimeter, and turn the rotor at the same time. D1, D2, and D3) are connected in parallel, and the three terminals (D4, D5, D6) are connected in parallel. If the pointer of the multimeter rotates, it means that the heads and ends are not connected At this time, the windings of each phase should be adjusted one by one phase by phase, and the condition of the needle should be observed until the pointer of the multimeter does not move, and the head and end marks can be made.

Through the above introduction, Awning Motors Manufacturers hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.
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Jun 14 2022
huzhou fuji :
Energy Saving Details Of China Passenger Elevator
Seven common energy-saving methods of China Passenger Elevator :

(1) Realize energy saving and consumption reduction in elevator software control, such as establishing an effective control traffic mode, setting the elevator operation mode to acceleration and deceleration variable parameters, minimizing the number of elevators stops, and determining the distance between different floors through simulation software... see more simulation. the best operating curve.

(2) Take advantage of the elevator machine room on the roof, and make full use of solar energy as the supplementary energy for the elevator through the transformation.

(3) Improve the elevator mechanical transmission and electric drive system, adopt planetary gear reducer, frequency conversion voltage regulation, and speed regulation drive system, which can effectively reduce the energy consumption of the elevator, and its power loss can be reduced by more than 20%.

(4) An Elevator energy feedback device is a high-performance feedback braking unit dedicated to elevators. It can effectively convert the regenerative electric energy stored in the capacitor of the elevator inverter into AC electric energy and send it back to the power grid so that the elevator becomes a green "power plant" to supply power to other equipment, which has the effect of saving electric energy. The regenerative power recovery efficiency is as high as 97.5%. In addition, instead of electricity Resistance, energy consumption reduces the ambient temperature of the machine room, improves the operating temperature of the elevator control system, and prolongs the service life of the elevator. The machine room does not need to use cooling equipment such as air conditioners, which indirectly saves electricity.

(5) The elevator car lighting system is updated, and LED lighting lamps are used, which saves about 90% of lighting power, and the life of LED lamps is about 40 times that of conventional lamps.

(6) Using advanced elevator control technology, including elevator car unmanned automatic light-off technology, driving building intelligent management technology, etc., can achieve a good energy-saving effect.

(7) By strengthening the maintenance management of the elevator in the later stage, taking effective operation maintenance and maintenance management measures, reducing the elevator failure rate, and prolonging the service life of the elevator, it is also the embodiment of the elevator energy-saving management measures.

Through the above introduction, Observation Elevators Manufacturers hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.
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wooden taizhou :
China Wooden Crafts Manufacturers Introduces The Selection Strategy Of Wooden Toys
China Wooden Crafts Manufacturers introduces how to choose wooden toys for children?

1. Open the package to see if there is any odor
General wooden toys have more or less the smell of wood itself. If the smell is too strong, it means that the toy is too tightly sealed or the paint on the surface of the toy has problems. If the plastic packaging is too tight and the toy... see more has a smell, you only need to put the toy in a cool and ventilated place for 2-3 days to solve the problem of the smell. Under normal circumstances, as long as it is a toy paint purchased from formal channels, there should be no problem.

2. Check whether the surface of the wooden toy is smooth and free of burrs
Most wooden toys are handmade, so the smoother the surface of the toy, the finer the workmanship. Parents should choose toys with a smooth surface and no burrs to prevent the baby from being stabbed by burrs when playing.

3. Toy materials
The materials used in wooden toys are roughly divided into three categories. One is imported rubber wood, beech, etc. This kind of wood has fine texture, good hand feel and durability, but the relative price is higher than that of ordinary toys. One is basswood, pine, etc. This kind of wood has beautiful texture and light hand feel, and is mostly used in general toys. One is the splint toys, which are generally suitable for the production of make-up or plane toys. Parents can choose suitable wooden toys according to their own preferences.

4. Check the age group
Each toy has a suggested age for toddlers, and parents should choose toys that are appropriate for your child's age group. Babies under the age of 3 have poor self-protection awareness and are easy to put toys in their mouths or nostrils. Therefore, when buying toys, they should choose toys with larger building blocks, simple shapes and smooth surfaces; babies over 3 years old have rich sensory experience. , Safety awareness is relatively increased, and parents can choose more sophisticated toys.

Through the above introduction, Wooden Crafts Manufacturers hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.

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May 17 2022
wooden taizhou :
Wooden Toys Suppliers Introduces The Production Characteristics Of Wooden Products
Wooden Toys Suppliers introduces the production requirements of wooden products:

1. Polishing method, the surface of some wooden handicrafts is very shiny, but the material of wood is rough, and there is rarely such a smooth surface. This is a wooden handicraft processed using the polishing method. The steps of the polishing method are generally to burn the wood material to a... see more charred black and then use the polishing method to add different pigments.

2. Oxtail method, wooden crafts with stripes are very popular in the market, which is the result of using the oxtail method. The practice is generally to use a brush shaped like an oxtail to paint the surface of the wooden handicraft, and then quickly hit the surface of the wooden handicraft to form stripes on the surface.

3. Friction method, the fashion industry has the concept of being old and broken, and wood products often have this effect. Wooden handicrafts using the friction method will give people a sense of age. After the lacquer of the wooden crafts is dry, rub with different or uniform paints on different areas of the wooden crafts as needed to form a worn-out effect.

4. Fire smoking method. Wooden handicrafts also pay attention to techniques and skills. The surface of many wooden handicrafts will have a blackening effect as if they have been roasted by fire. In fact, this method is called the fire smoking method, which uses a small flame to smoke the surface of the wooden handicrafts to form a smoked effect.

5. Worm-eaten method, according to our common sense, wood that has been worm-eaten cannot be used for processing. The same is true, but the method to simulate moth-eaten will be welcomed by the public. The practice of this method is to heat an iron nail, and then use a hammer to drive it into the wooden handicraft, imitating the way of the moth, and following the grain of the wooden handicraft. But note that not to go too far, so as not to damage the wooden crafts.

Through the above introduction, Wooden Decorations Suppliers hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.

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May 16 2022
yongding yong :
Hex Bolt Manufacturers Introduces The Use Process Of Nuts
Hex Bolt Manufacturers Introduces Precautions for the use of Hex Nut :

1. The size of the wrench opening of the adjustable wrench should be consistent with the size of the nut, and the sleeve should not be added to the small wrench.

2. During installation, it is forbidden to hammer into the nut to prevent damage to the nut thread.

3. The friction surface of the treated component... see more is not allowed to be stained with oil, soil, and other sundries during installation.

4. The friction surface of the module should be kept dry during installation and should not be operated in the rain.

5. The electric wrench should be checked regularly during use to ensure the torque accuracy and operate in the correct tightening sequence.

Through the above introduction, 2H Heavy Hex Nuts Factory hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.
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