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China Elevator Lifts Factory Introduces The Elevator Installation Strategy

With the improvement of living standards, people's lives are getting better and better. Now many families living in villas install home elevators in their homes. Next,China Elevator Lifts Factory will introduce how to install home elevators correctly.

If you want to install a home elevator in your home, the first thing to be clear is to see which type you choose. At present, the more common... see more ones in China are traction elevators, spiral elevators, and hydraulic elevators. The spiral car is mainly operated by the mutual movement between nuts and screws. This kind of speed will be checked when it is running. This is because of structural limitations. The two-story three-screw elevator has lightweight and low noise. If you live in a retested building, it is more suitable for this type. The hydraulic type is basically used in factories and workshops. On these occasions, it has become more and more widely used. Therefore, when decorating, you must first clarify your needs and then limit the home elevator that suits you.

In addition, the style and style should be paid attention to when installing a home elevator. This also needs to be decided according to your actual situation. Then consider the cost and difficulty. Because most people lack elevator expertise, it is said that for service personnel who do not have a special use, the safety cannot be reduced. These are things to pay attention to, I hope the construction staff will pay more attention, of course, they must also pay attention. For some other knowledge points, you can consult our online customer staff. Here, you can ask anything about home elevators, and users who need cooperation can also contact us. As a manufacturer, we can provide you with various services.

Through the above introduction, China Passenger Elevator Factory hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.

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19 days ago
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China Elevator Lifts Factory Introduces The Requirements For The Use Of Door Cranes

China Elevator Lifts Factory introduces the door operator as the component responsible for opening and closing the elevator car door. As long as it receives the opening and closing signals of the elevator door, it will close or open the door by controlling the door opening motor through its own control system.

The technical content of the door machine is not as good as the technical content... see more of the control cabinet and the main engine, but one thing we should pay special attention to is: the door machine system is a part of the elevator components that moves very frequently. why? Because the elevator has to open and close the door repeatedly every day. According to relevant statistics of the elevator industry, more than two-thirds of elevator failures are caused by door machine problems.

Therefore, when we choose a villa elevator, we must pay special attention to the door machine system. In fact, door machines are mainly divided into commercial elevator door machine systems and household elevator door machine systems. what's the difference? The frequency of use is different. In shopping malls, doors must be kept open and closed. As for the villa elevator, its frequency of use will be greatly reduced.

Through the above introduction,Passenger Elevator Factory hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.

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Jun 22 2021
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China Elevator Lifts Factory Introduces The Main Points Of Riding Elevators

China Elevator Lifts Factory provides some common knowledge about elevator riding safety:

1. When taking the elevator, please check whether there is a safety inspection mark issued by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine. Elevators that have passed the inspection date have potential safety hazards.
2. When waiting for the elevator, please... see more confirm your floor and the destination floor you want to reach, select the "up" or "down" call button appropriately, and stand aside to facilitate the passengers to get out of the elevator.
3. When entering the car, check whether the elevator is in the leveling position, otherwise it may cause injury.
4. When opening the door, do not touch the hall or car door to avoid pinching your hands.
5. If the elevator is full, please wait patiently for the next service of the elevator, and do not use crowded methods to enter the elevator car. Don't try to stop the car door from closing with your hands, feet or crutches, sticks, sticks, etc., pay attention to the condition of your feet when entering and leaving the car, and be careful to get in and out of the elevator quickly.
5. Do not hit the car door when loading and unloading goods or taking a stroller on the ladder to prevent the door from deforming and affecting the normal opening and closing of the car door.
6. When the elevator is running, please stand away from the door as far as possible. You can use the handrails in the car to stand firmly; pay attention to the landing indicator and make preparations for getting out of the elevator in advance. If you do not open the door after the elevator stops, you can press The door open button opens the car.
7. During the operation of Yunnan Elevator, do not squeeze or slap the elevator door, and do not touch the buttons or switches casually, so as to avoid the elevator malfunctioning and stopping the elevator. When the elevator is running, if a sudden loss of control occurs, you should lift your heels quickly, support the weight of your body with your toes, squat, and hold the car with your hands to prevent accidents caused by the car from topping or hitting the bottom.
8. When the elevator fails and gets stuck between floors and trapped in the elevator car, please don't panic. You can use the alarm button in the car or call for help. The car and hoistway are well ventilated and air is sufficient. The elevator is equipped with multiple To ensure the safety of passengers, please wait patiently for rescue. Do not try to leave the car in other dangerous ways, such as attempting to forcibly open the elevator door, or knocking or pressing the operation panel with a hard object, because the elevator may run at any time and is prone to danger.

Through the above introduction, China Passenger Elevator Factory hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.

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Jun 15 2021
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China Elevator Lifts Factory Introduces The Use Of Elevator Knowledge

Elevators are used to go upstairs or downstairs to bring people up or down. Below, China Elevator Lifts Factory introduces the rules of using elevators:

1. The elevator is generally at one end of the corridor, the door frame is very deep, and the door is silver-gray stainless steel iron.

2. When there are multiple elevators in the floor, it will be divided into single-story and... see more double-deck elevators. The floor number is posted on the door brow. You can select the elevator according to the floor number you want to go to.

3. On the wall next to the stair door, there is a round button for going up or down, and there is a triangle pointing inside.

4. After pressing one of the buttons, the indicator light inside turns on, indicating that you want to go upstairs or downstairs from the current station position.

5. At this time, stand outside the door and wait for the elevator to come. Be careful not to stand in the door sill of the elevator. The button has the direction and floor of the elevator running.

6. The elevator will open at the door. If you are going in the direction you want to go, you can go in. Pay attention to the first down and then up. People who come out should let them come out first.

7. There is a row of buttons next to the door on the right side of the elevator. After entering, press the floor you want to go to, and then find a place to stand.

8. The top of the button shows the operating status of the elevator on which floor. There are two buttons for opening and closing the door. The elevator will not go if the door is closed.

9. After the door is closed, the elevator starts to move, and when it reaches the floor, it will stop and open. Don't be too anxious if you notice that your floor is going down again.

Through the above introduction, China Passenger Elevator Factory hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.
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Jun 8 2021
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China Elevator Lifts Factory Introduces The Use Process Of Home Elevators

For different villas, the problems encountered in the design of Chongqing home elevators are also different. Next, China Elevator Lifts Factory introduces the problem of the height required to install a home elevator on the top floor of a villa that is too low or the top floor is an attic.

At present, home elevators are mainly divided into three types: traction type, hydraulic type, and... see more screw type. Because hydraulic elevators and screw type elevators have oil leakage, slow running speed, high power consumption and energy waste, many people directly give up using these two types. Types of elevators. Traction type home elevators belong to the currently popular type due to its unique "seesaw" operating principle. Traction home elevators can be divided into gantry frames and backpack frames in terms of structure, but the comfort of the backpack frames is poor during operation. Conventionally, elevators are designed according to gantry frames.

Under normal circumstances, traction-type home elevators will adopt the method of placing the traction machine (the main engine is the driving elevator) on top. The top height required by the side counterweight gantry is 2800mm and above. If the rear counterweight gantry requires The height of the top floor is 3300mm and above. The height of the elevator car of this height is according to the standard height of 2200mm, and the door is designed according to the height of 2000mm. But how high can the top floor be an attic (such as a sloping roof or a steeple) or the floor height is not the standard height? If the height of the top floor is lower than the standard height, you can only replace it with a steel belt host or lower the height of the car and door to install an elevator.

The top floor of the elevator installation position is a loft, a steeple or a sloping roof. The low place is only 2300mm and the high place is 2800mm. In this case, it is necessary to dig deeper under the pit and design the elevator with bottom wheels. In addition, the elevator car is also The height of the door is lowered. The car uses an integrated ceiling lamp at a height of 2000mm, and the door is made at a height of 1900mm. The height of the top floor is only 2570mm. This height is designed according to the side counterweight gantry. The height of the elevator car is 2050mm, and the door is designed according to the height of 1950mm.

It can be seen that if the home elevator wants to go up the flat roof attic, the top floor height needs to be 2500mm and above. If the top floor is a sloping roof or a pointed roof, the height of the top floor needs to be measured according to the height of the installed elevator. In either case, the pit needs to be dug deeper to ensure that the bottom wheel or steel belt host is used to solve the top height problem of 450mm and above.

Through the above introduction, China Passenger Elevator Factory hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.

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May 18 2021
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China Elevator Lifts Factory Introduces The Use Requirements Of Elevator Car Frames

China Elevator Lifts Factory introduced that the design of the elevator car frame is more flexible and changeable. It should be based on the driving form and layout structure of the elevator. For domestic elevators, the car frame should be as simple and beautiful as possible under the premise of ensuring the strength, and the car frame installation should be integrated. The degree is as high... see more as possible, and the components can be assembled in the factory after they are assembled, so as to improve the efficiency of on-site installation and improve product quality. At the same time, according to the strength requirements of the car, the diagonal pull rod can be cancelled as much as possible.

The positioning system mainly refers to leveling sensors, terminal limit devices, etc. These are nothing special, but take into account the layout space and aesthetics. If safety and specifications allow, you can consider using some small electronic components.

The wiring system mainly refers to the random cables, hoistway cables, safety switches, and outbound cables in household elevators. The main consideration here is aesthetics. For many elevator companies, mechanical design and electrical design are done separately. The system is usually in the middle, and no one will consider it. For example, when the wiring duct is made of steel, the design of the wiring duct must conform to the overall style, and the wiring can be hidden as much as possible, so that the overall appearance will not be affected by wiring problems.

The drilling and home elevator drilling parts should be connected with bolts as far as possible, without on-site welding, and the key parts can be painted after spot welding.

Traction machines and home elevators are usually small, with their own weight generally less than 200kg, and the space for installation on the top floor is small. The installation convenience of the host must be taken into account. Even if manpower is used, the safety of the installation process must be fully considered. For home elevators, the rated speed does not exceed 0.4m/s. Therefore, flexible handling of the damping device under the host can be considered.

The landing door system of household elevators is generally compact in size. Due to the limitation of the villa hoistway space, in order to obtain a larger door opening width, most of them adopt the form of side opening doors. If the hoistway width allows, generally choose the middle opening door or more than 1550mm. The overall feeling is more beautiful. Of course, if the width of the hoistway is not enough, you can also use a double-folding door with a slightly higher cost. The center door has 4 door panels, and the ordinary center door has 2 door panels. The above is all about automatic doors. In the door selection system of home elevators, automatic doors should be selected as much as possible, and fewer players will pull the doors. Automatic doors are much safer than hand-pulled doors.

Because the height of the wire rope of the home elevator is not high, the reliable brand wire rope can be selected first, and the cost will not increase much, but the use effect and life of the wire rope are much better.

Through the above introduction, China Passenger Elevator Factory hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.


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Apr 29 2021
huzhou fuji :
Observation Elevators Exporter Introduces The Purchase Details Of Sightseeing Elevators

Sightseeing elevators, this kind of elevator has become more and more widely used at present, so we should pay attention to some matters when purchasing, so that we can choose the right one so that the sightseeing elevator can play its great role and achieve good results. Below, Observation Elevators Exporter introduces the precautions for purchasing sightseeing elevators:

1. Security
... see more /> Security is very important, so it cannot be ignored. Generally speaking, the area of ??the elevator car should not exceed the specified requirements, and the possibility of failure of the main components of the elevator should also be considered.

2. Functionality
To understand the function of the elevator, you can ask the supplier to provide the necessary function introduction, so that you can know it well.

3. Aesthetics
Some people may mistakenly think that beauty is luxury. In fact, the two cannot be equated. The style of elevator decoration should be determined according to the place of use so that it matches the surrounding environment.

4. Technical
To understand the technological development of each brand model, so as not to choose the type that will be eliminated. In addition, the relationship between it and the building structure must also be considered.

5. Applicability
Mainly consider the characteristics of the building, the load capacity of the elevator, and the number of elevators.

6. Economy
It means that the cost can be saved when the requirements can be met, so after-sales service costs, passenger flow conditions, etc. should be considered, and the economic quantity should be matched with the load capacity, so as to achieve economic and reasonable goals.

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Apr 20 2021
huzhou fuji :
Observation Elevators Exporter Introduces How To Use Escalators

Speaking of elevators, I believe everyone knows that there are elevators in many places, and there are various types of elevators, and escalators are one of them. Most of them are used in some large supermarkets and large-scale supermarkets. Shopping malls, museums, and other places, these places with high traffic, sometimes occasionally have some accidents, so in the event of an accident, Observation Elevators Exporter... see more teaches you how to stop the escalator?

1.When you take the elevator if an accident occurs and you find that the elevator is very long, you can set the elevator brake button in the middle of the elevator handrail. When you press the red button, you can then stop the elevator.

2.There will be a red stop button at the bottom or above the elevator. When a dangerous accident occurs, press the red button in time to stop the elevator. But some elevators are induction elevators, which automatically run when people approach, and automatically stop when no one is around. So you need to keep pressing to stop, otherwise, it will run again once you let go.

3.If you know where the main power switch of the elevator is, you can also cut off the power switch in an emergency, causing the elevator to stop running.

4.Some are located below the escalator conveyor belt, there is a black trigger button, it is not easy to be found, but when an accident is found, you can directly stop with a kick.

5.In addition, it should be noted that when you take the elevator, you must stand in order, do not play around on the elevator, take the elevator to watch your belongings to prevent falling, and the girl wearing a long dress, be careful Don't let the skirt enter the elevator to avoid the accident.

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Apr 13 2021
huzhou fuji :
Observation Elevators Exporter Introduces Elevator Foundation Pit Design Knowledge

High-rise residential villa elevators are now everywhere. With the improvement of people's quality of life, the aging population of ordinary multi-storey residential elevators is accelerating, and the installation of private villa elevators is also very common. Observation Elevators Exporter is here to discuss whether a single household elevator needs a pit? In particular, most of the current... see more villas are now equipped with underground parking lots. In order to expand the space of the house, many villas usually have three floors above ground and two floors underground. Installing elevators will also cause problems that they cannot excavate foundation pits.

If you use a villa elevator to choose a family is a traditional elevator (hydraulic or traction), no matter whether the designed elevator is in the room or the elevator without a machine room needs a foundation pit elevator, if the elevator goes to the basement, there must also be a foundation pit. What is the depth of the pit? This is related to the speed and load of the elevator. The depth of the elevator is usually determined by the speed and tonnage of the elevator. The deeper the depth, the deeper the depth, and the deeper the depth. For example, the rated speed of a traditional elevator is 1 m/s, while the depth of the foundation pit is generally 1.5 m.

Therefore, it is necessary for the elevator company to do a good job of foundation pit construction according to the depth of the elevator foundation pit, given the size, because from the perspective of civil engineering, the bottom cushion and foundation of the elevator foundation pit are infiltrated with groundwater and surface water. The hidden danger of the foundation pit, so the elevator pit must be constructed and waterproofed. Abstract Elevator shaft water leakage is one of the common problems in elevator maintenance. The long-term existence of elevator pits will cause the parking switch of the maintenance station, such as the corrosion or insensitive safety circuit of the switch terminal, and cause potential safety hazards.

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Mar 23 2021
huzhou fuji :
Observation Elevators Factory Introduces Tips For Purchasing Elevators

Observation Elevators Factory introduces the precautions for purchasing elevators:

1. Please confirm what kind of place your lifting platform is used in, so that we can recommend you lifting products that are more suitable for you!

2. Frequency of use of lifting platform

3. Working voltage: 380/3/50, 220/2/50 or other special requirements

4. Rated load... see more of lifting platform: Kg

5. Under the rated load, the rising or falling time of the lifting platform (when required):

6. Worktable size: (length mm * width mm)

7. Closing height (if necessary): mm

8. Vertical stroke: mm

9. Hydraulic power system installation position: built-in or external, such as external, the distance between the power system and the lifting platform mm

10. Electrical control system: handle buttons, pedal control, electric control box, etc. for your choice.

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