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Aug 9 2021
hou sen :
What material is the solid wood bathroom cabinet made of, is it really easy to use?

The following Housen bathroom cabinet manufacturers will introduce to you that solid wood bathroom cabinets generally use rubberwood as the base material, and the quality of rubberwood directly determines the quality and price of solid wood bathroom cabinets. The texture of rubberwood is greatly affected by the climate and is produced in different regions. The rubber-wood floors produced vary.

... see more /> If the growth environment humidity is too high, the density of rubberwood will be small, the moisture is easy to absorb, and it is not hard enough, the product is easy to deform, and the growth environment humidity is too low, it will cause the rubberwood to have high density, low water content, too hard, and dry and brittle texture. , The product is easy to burst.

Therefore, it is best to choose rubberwood from Malaysia or Thailand for bathroom cabinets. Because Malaysia and Thailand are located in the South Pacific, the soil is fertile and the climate is very hot. They are most suitable for the growth of high-quality rubberwood. It has high density and hard texture, moderate moisture content, easy processing, and texture. It has the characteristics of clearness, few knots, and bright color. It is a superior material for making bathroom cabinets. After advanced equipment and technology processing, the product has the advantages of no deformation, low burst, no insects, no decay, etc.

In the waterproof test, the rubberwood immersion test, the rubberwood of good material can be immersed in water for three months and it can keep it from deformation and rot. This is incomparable to wood-based panels. In terms of environmental protection, the harm of furniture products to the human body mainly comes from The amount of formaldehyde released in man-made boards, imported rubberwood, and solid wood itself are environmentally friendly materials, but man-made boards cannot achieve this.

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Jul 26 2021
hou sen :
Whether solid wood bathroom cabinet is better or PVC bathroom cabinet is better, mainly depends on personal preference, the following is the difference between the two:

Bathroom furniture is basically made of solid wood, moisture-proof board, and density board in the selection of materials, and the exquisite surface treatment process is used to resist the attack of temperature, humidity and ultraviolet rays to ensure that the substrate is used in the bathroom for a long time without... see more cracking and deformation.

Solid wood bathroom cabinets and PVC bathroom cabinets can be distinguished at a glance. The upper layer of solid wood bathroom cabinets is made of artificial stone, and the solid wood below is made of rubber wood, which feels warm.

The whole set of PVC bathroom cabinets is made of PVC material, which is very real to the touch, but it is a bit cold, and the overall color is also cool, which is cool and colorful.

The design of PVC bathroom cabinets is based on simplicity, and the feet are all retractable. The wash tray on the solid wood bathroom cabinet is generally made of artificial stone, with a bright and smooth surface. The cabinet below is made of imported rubber wood, which does not absorb water and is just waterproof when used in the bathroom. And when I got close and smelled it, there was no peculiar smell.

The whole set of PVC bathroom cabinet is made of PVC material, and the advantage of PVC is also non-absorbent. But when you smell it close, the PVC material will have a little smell, but after a period of time, the smell will gradually disappear.

Comparison of advantages:

Both solid wood and PVC have the advantage of not absorbing water. They are used to make bathroom cabinets and have certain advantages when placed in the bathroom. The non-absorbent properties of PVC are more obvious, but there will be a little taste at the beginning, and it is heavier, but the price is much cheaper than solid wood. Solid wood is lighter and has no peculiar smell.
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Jul 19 2021
hou sen :
The bathroom cabinet is the only storage cabinet in the entire small bathroom. Therefore, a good design of the wash basin and wall cabinet combination of the bathroom cabinet is the key to keeping the bathroom simple and comfortable. Here are some tips on the design and purchase of the bathroom cabinet:

1. Size reservation

Generally, it takes about one month to customize the wash basin. If you wait for the decoration and then place an order, the progress of the decoration... see more will be much slower. Therefore, the wash basin is generally reserved in size during the preliminary design. This is done during the decoration and construction. Strictly control the size! Especially when there are walls on the left and right sides of the wash basin, the reserved size must be controlled! For example, a fan told me before: "His family reserved a wash basin of 80cm, but the width of the tile is only 79cm after the tiles are attached, and the wash basin has already been ordered for 80cm, which is embarrassing!"

2. Wall-mounted or floor-standing wash basin cabinet

The wash basin has wall-mounted and floor-standing models. The wall-mounted wash basin will not have dead corners in the bathroom, making it easier to take care of; and the space under the basin cabinet is also more convenient to use.

However, when installing wall-mounted washbasin cabinets, the basic conditions for installing the wall should be considered. The countertop of the washbasin and the cabinet body add up to several tens of kilograms. The basin is filled with water, and the cabinet may be more than one hundred kilograms of things in the cabinet. Hanging installation On the wall, this requires the wall to be a solid wall. If there is a hollow brick wall, there will be safety hazards. It is recommended to choose a floor cabinet.

3. Countertop material

When choosing the material of the basin, three issues are mainly considered:

Can you take care of it?

Will it bleed?

Is the hardness high?

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Jul 5 2021
hou sen :
Bathroom cabinets are classified according to their styles. They can be divided into modern bathroom cabinets, European bathroom cabinets, Nordic bathroom cabinets, American bathroom cabinets, and Chinese bathroom cabinets. Among them, modern bathroom cabinets are the most popular style now, which conforms to the aesthetics of modern people. Let's explain the characteristics of these style bathroom cabinets one by one.

Modern Bathroom Cabinets , the design emphasizes simplicity but... see more not simplicity. Fashion is full of design. Compared with other styles, it pays more attention to the details of the product. There is no fancy decoration, simple lines, and practical to use. Design multiple compact and practical lockers for easy storage Hide all the daily necessities, bottles, and cans in daily life.

European style bathroom cabinets are mostly made of red oak. The design is magnificent, with many details, such as European style carving, copper pull ring, carved picture frame, etc. Compared with modern style, the European style bathroom cabinet is more complicated and exudes The elegance of European style and the retro beauty of European style also make people "inseparable". It is suitable for the luxurious decoration of high-end villas.

Nordic style bathroom cabinets, the cabinets are mostly in natural wood color, it is simple and practical, it reflects the respect for tradition, the appreciation of natural materials, the restraint of form and decoration, and no carvings and patterns are used. Simple, direct, functional, and close to nature, it reflects the tranquility of Northern Europe.

American style bathroom cabinets are derived from the American style of decoration and decoration, without too many artificial modifications and constraints, and inadvertently reflect a casual romance. In recent years, the American style has captured the majority of Chinese owners and more and more people like such atmospheric decoration. American style has always been known for its spaciousness, comfort, and mixed styles.
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Jun 28 2021
hou sen :
The bathroom is a scene of high frequency use, so how can we not occupy the precious bathroom, but also make up in the bathroom?

The usual practice in Japan is to separate dry and wet, and create a makeup area in the dry area (washing table, mirror cabinet area). This design is called bathroom vanity bathroom cabinet.

How does the Japanese face wash and dresser stand out among the many face wash and dressers? Many washstands on the market pay attention to minimalism,... see more and Japanese design is the main function and convenience. It is absolutely right to know a little more.

No.1 The lighting of pain points in the bathroom

Only the top light is turned on, and the light comes from the headlight and behind, just to form a shadow on the face, forming a backlight effect, and the face is dim, which affects the makeup effect and even the mood.

Lighting solutions

The use of LED lighting equipment is only 8W, under the premise of fully meeting the lighting needs, and achieving energy saving and environmental protection.

The front light makes the face light even during makeup and beauty, which can effectively eliminate some shadows.

No.2 Storage of pain points in the bathroom

The bathroom cabinet didn't have enough storage space, and the makeup was messed up in the morning. Either one could not be found, or the other was knocked off. It’s enjoyment for others to put on makeup. When you put on makeup yourself, it’s like torture. Let’s take a look at how the Japanese face wash and dresser solves it~

Storage solution

The all-in-one mirror cabinet gives home to all the stray toiletries. The strict zoning and functional settings make the placement both random and tidy.

For details, please contact: https://www.housenluxury.com/
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Apr 26 2021
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It is very important to buy wash basin bathroom cabinets in bathroom decoration, not only to meet the size of the space but also to adapt to the overall style, with rich storage functions. Therefore, when purchasing bathroom cabinets, we need to pay attent
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Apr 11 2021
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The purchase of bathroom led mirror cabinets is a key point of bathroom decoration, so you must be cautious when buying bathroom cabinets, and no details can be ignored. Otherwise, if you choose an inappropriate bathroom cabinet, it will affect the overall
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Mar 22 2021
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After selecting the right bathroom cabinet, it is also very important to install the bathroom cabinet correctly. If there is a little deviation in the installation process, it will cause unnecessary losses. So when installing bathroom cabinets, we need to
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Mar 15 2021
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When choosing a bathroom washbasin cabinet, we will give more consideration to the moisture-proof problem of high-quality bathroom cabinets. Because the bathroom uses a lot of water, the environment is very humid. How should we deal with the moisture-proof
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Mar 8 2021
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Want to decorate into a high-value bathroom, to a large extent depends on the bathroom cabinet we choose. If the bathroom cabinet is not selected correctly, it is not just a problem of ugliness, but also problems such as less storage, difficult maintenance
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