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It is very important to buy wash basin bathroom cabinets in bathroom decoration, not only to meet the size of the space but also to adapt to the overall style, with rich storage functions. Therefore, when purchasing bathroom cabinets, we need to pay attent
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Apr 11 2021
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The purchase of bathroom led mirror cabinets is a key point of bathroom decoration, so you must be cautious when buying bathroom cabinets, and no details can be ignored. Otherwise, if you choose an inappropriate bathroom cabinet, it will affect the overall
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Mar 22 2021
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After selecting the right bathroom cabinet, it is also very important to install the bathroom cabinet correctly. If there is a little deviation in the installation process, it will cause unnecessary losses. So when installing bathroom cabinets, we need to
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Mar 15 2021
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When choosing a bathroom washbasin cabinet, we will give more consideration to the moisture-proof problem of high-quality bathroom cabinets. Because the bathroom uses a lot of water, the environment is very humid. How should we deal with the moisture-proof
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Mar 8 2021
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Want to decorate into a high-value bathroom, to a large extent depends on the bathroom cabinet we choose. If the bathroom cabinet is not selected correctly, it is not just a problem of ugliness, but also problems such as less storage, difficult maintenance
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Feb 23 2021
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Black and white is one of the strongest color combinations you can choose. Black and white transcend style—the color combination is equally sophisticated used in modern and traditional homes. Now, here are a few design tips for how you should use black and
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Jan 26 2021
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A bathroom without bathroom led mirror cabinets is incomplete. It allows you to do your daily grooming chores, like shaving, applying makeup, and styling hair without any hassle. In fact, it is one of the last things that you look at before going out. Whil
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Dec 15 2020
hou sen :
Oak board of modern bathroom cabinets: Oak has unique wood grain, heartwood is resistant to corrosion, high density, hard texture, and belongs to hardwood. Household items made of oak have the advantages of mahogany furniture dignified, steady and noble. But the price is much lower than mahogany.
Due to the many advantages of oak, the material is widely used to make beer barrels, wine barrels, bathroom barrels, flooring, outdoor wooden bridges, etc. It is the most ideal material for making... see more bathroom cabinets. Oak can be divided into white oak and red oak according to its color. my country's production is extremely rare, and it is generally imported from the United States, Malaysia and Thailand.
Modern bathroom cabinets are made of stainless steel plates, made of high-quality stainless steel plates and other materials through several processes. They are diverse in styles and unique in design. They are environmentally friendly, moisture-proof, mildew-proof, rust-proof, and waterproof. They will not produce any harmful substances, beautiful and durable, and Stainless steel plates can also be recycled and reused. Commonly used plates are 202#, 304#, 201# and other specifications.
Disadvantages: 200 series stainless steel plates. Although this type of plate is not magnetic when tested with magnets, this type of plate hardly controls the sulfur and carbon content in accordance with the national standard, and replaces part or all of the nickel with manganese (and nitrogen) to produce lower nickel The content of austenitic stainless steel.
Due to the environment where modern bathroom cabinets are located, they are often exposed to water and the environment is relatively humid. Compared with other cabinets, bathroom cabinets need to pay more attention to maintenance. Pay more attention to details in order to make bathroom cabinets long service life.https://www.housenluxury.com/
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Dec 8 2020
hou sen :
Modern bathroom cabinets are cabinets for placing items in the bathroom. The surface materials can be divided into natural stone, jade, artificial stone, fireproof board, paint, glass, metal and solid wood. The base material is the main body of the bathroom cabinet, which is concealed by the surface material. The base material is the decisive factor for the quality and price of bathroom cabinets. When transporting, you should lift it gently, don't drag it hard; when placing it, the ground should... see more be uneven, so the legs should be padded.
The surface material of the bathroom cabinet can be divided into natural stone, jade, artificial stone, fireproof board, baking varnish, glass, metal and solid wood, etc.; the base material is the main body of the bathroom cabinet, which is concealed by the surface material. The base material is the decisive factor for the quality and price of bathroom cabinets. Main types of basins: natural Dali, jade, artificial marble, ceramics, etc. Most high-end bathroom cabinets are made of natural marble or jade with ceramic basins. Medium and low-grade ones are directly equipped with ceramic basins.
The particleboard of modern bathroom cabinets is most commonly used in some cheap computer desks and furniture and kitchen utensils. It is low-cost, processed from waste materials from woodworking, and has a high water absorption rate. It can be identified from the openings and interfaces, and the edges of the plates. Manufacturers often paste artificial paper, wood, or plastic, wrap the edges with other materials, and then paint them in various colors. Unscrupulous manufacturers and distributors often use such products as solid wood products based on their fake appearance effects and buyers' ignorance of raw materials.
Common sense of cleaning modern bathroom cabinets: when you buy bathroom cabinets, you must be careful when handling them. Ceramic basins are also fragile. Lift and place gently, not hard. When placing bathroom cabinets, the floor should also be flat, if it is a floor cabinet , The feet should be leveled. Don't put the bathroom cabinet in the hot sun, it is best to put it in a ventilated place, and not in a very dry place.
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Dec 2 2020
hou sen :
Bathroom washbasin cabinet: a kind of sanitary ware, a porcelain basin used for washing face and hands in the bathroom. Counter basins are divided into two types: above counter basin and under counter basin. This is not a difference in the basin itself, but a difference in installation.
Classification features:1. Ceramic washbasin: It is the most commonly used material. 2. Stainless steel: polished stainless steel and modern electroplating faucets are extremely equipped, but the surface of... see more the mirror is easy to scratch, so for users who use it frequently, you may wish to buy polished stainless steel. 3. Polished brass: In order to avoid fading, the brass needs to be polished, with a protective layer painted on the surface, scratch-resistant and waterproof. Just use a soft cloth and a non-abrasive detergent to keep it clean.
The bathroom is the most private space in the home, but the basin seems inconspicuous in this space. It does not occupy a large area and has a single function. In fact, the basin has a great influence on our mood. In the morning, it starts to be fresh and happy. To wash away your tiredness and relax your mind and body at night, so choosing a suitable basin is an important part of the bathroom.
The glaze is good or bad, because a good glaze is not dirty, the surface is easy to clean, and it is still bright as new after long-term use. When choosing, you can choose a good one.
1. Look at the light and observe from the side of the ceramic from multiple angles. A good glaze should be free of stains, pinholes, blisters and bubbles, and the surface is very smooth; the reflectivity to light is good and uniform.
2. Touch the surface with your hand lightly, the hand feeling is very smooth and delicate; you can also touch the back, there should be a slight friction of "sand".
3. Knock the surface with your hand, the sound produced by a good ceramic material is very crisp.
The improvement of our living standards and the improvement of our environmental awareness, in terms of the bathroom washbasin cabinet commonly used in our daily lives, we require its materials to be environmentally friendly and water-saving. Businesses should also gradually improve in accordance with the development of the trend. The future development of water-saving basins is a major trend.https://www.housenluxury.com/
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