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11 days ago
haining khfastener :
The Loosening Of Blind Rivet Nut
In our lives, we often see or hear about various accidents. Among the many accident cases, there is often a seemingly inconspicuous cause, that is, loose screws. A small blind rivet nut can cause great harm.
In long-term work practice and life, it is found that small locknuts often cause huge troubles due to automatic loosening. Due to mechanical vibration and other reasons, the originally tightened screws will gradually become loose, so they must be... see more reinforced frequently to prevent loosening of the threads. The difference with self-locking thread will waste a lot of human resources in the reinforcement process. At present, preventing the screw from loosening has become a worldwide problem.
Normal nuts will loosen due to vibration and other reasons during use, such as vibration. To prevent this phenomenon, self-tightening nuts were invented. The main function of the self-tightening nut is anti-loose and anti-vibration. For special occasions. Its working principle is generally self-tightening by friction. The types of self-tightening nuts classified according to their functions are those with embedded nylon rings, those with neck closures, and those with metal anti-loosening devices. They are all effective torque-type locknuts.
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25 days ago
haining khfastener :
Introduce Thread Rolling Of Hex Rivet Nut
There are many applications of nuts, so we can see nuts in many places. The hex rivet nut is usually hexagonal, and the inner hole is an internal thread, which is used to cooperate with the bolt and tighten the related parts. Today we talk about thread rolling of hex rivet nut.
The forming rolling die for thread rolling plastically deforms the workpiece to obtain the self-tapping screw thread. The processing method of self-tapping screw thread... see more rolling is generally performed on a thread rolling machine or an automatic lathe with an automatic opening and closing thread rolling head. It is suitable for the mass production of external threads of standard fasteners and other threaded couplings.
The outer diameter of the rolled thread is generally not more than 25 mm, and the length is not more than 100 mm. The thread accuracy can reach level 2 (GB197-63). The diameter of the blank used is roughly the same as the pitch diameter of the thread being processed. Rolling generally cannot process internal threads, but for softer workpieces, non-slot extrusion taps can be used to cold extrude internal threads (the maximum diameter can reach about 30 mm). The working principle is similar to tapping. When cold-extruding internal threads, the required torque is about twice as large as tapping, and the machining accuracy and surface quality are slightly higher than tapping.
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May 17 2021
haining khfastener :
Flat Head Rivet Nut And Countersunk Rivet Nut
We all know that in our daily life we can often see all kinds of rivet nuts, one of which is flat head rivet nut. The daily use of flat head rivet nut is also quite extensive.
A flat head rivet nut is a kind of nut in metrology. The rivet nuts sold in the market can be classified into flat head rivet nuts and countersunk head rivet nuts according to the head type. The most common is the flat head rivet nut.
From the perspective of... see more use, the fastening effect of flat head rivet nuts is better, and this type of rivet nut is generally used. However, some places require the surface to be flat after riveting, so a counterbore can be made in the process and then riveted with a countersunk rivet nut, so that after the riveting is completed, the riveted surface is flat. But the mechanical properties of the countersunk head will be lower than that of the flat head rivet nut.
In addition to these two rivet nuts, carbon steel rivet nut is also very good in terms of performance. www.khfastener.com
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May 10 2021
haining khfastener :
Manual And Electric Use Of Hex Rivet Nut
Nuts, nails, and other confinement tools are used to install many things around us. The hex rivet nut is a kind of rivet nut that we can often see.
Riveting nuts are used in real life. Because the specifications are different, the purpose is also different. And many people know this tool, but don’t know how to use it correctly. There are manual and electric tools for rivet nuts. Nowadays, there are still very few manual applications. To improve... see more work efficiency, they will choose to use electric rivet nuts.
The method of using tools for rivet nuts is different, especially now that many people widely use electricity, because the manual method is relatively backward, and the efficiency is also very low. Electricity can make up for this shortcoming, and at the same time, it can be very effective. Solve practical problems quickly, greatly improve the efficiency of time and work. It is indeed widely used, but you must pay attention to the method when using it. If you do not follow the correct method, it is easy to harm your body.
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Apr 26 2021
haining khfastener :
Understand The Specifications Of Half Hex Rivet Nut
Both hex rivet nut and half hex rivet nut are novel and practical sheet metal fastener products. The deformation of the rivet nut is similar to the bulging deformation process of cylindrical parts or pipe materials. Generally, the bulging coefficient is used to indicate the degree of bulging deformation.
The current specifications of rivet nuts are M3, M4, M5, M6, M8, M10, M12. It is recommended to use M6 and M8 rivet nuts. Small thread... see more blind rivet nuts can be directly tapped on the plate and bolts when using large threads. The weight is increased, the riveting force of the rivet nut is limited, and the matching is not reasonable enough. Rivet nuts are widely used on aluminum alloy substrates with different thicknesses and steel plates with a thickness of 1-2.5mm. The connection of steel rivet nuts in aluminum alloy components eliminates the cumbersome and manufacturability of embedding steel plates inside. Significant improvement.
Half hex rivet nut and hex rivet nut is widely used in the connection of board parts in various industries such as shipbuilding, vehicles, aviation, electrical appliances, meters, metal cabinets, elevators, etc. The operation is simple, the connection is reliable, beautiful, low-consumption, and high-efficiency. www.khfastener.com
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Apr 19 2021
haining khfastener :
Misunderstanding Of The Use Of Blind Rivet Nut
We can see many types of fasteners in our daily lives, and blind rivet nut is also a kind of fasteners. So what are the misunderstandings in the use of blind rivet nut?
There are impurities such as rust, scale, iron filings, sand particles in the threads of bolts, nuts, or screw holes, or there are impurities such as burrs, mud, and sand on the joint surface of the coupling parts, which have not been removed before assembly. When tightening... see more the bolts, due to impurities The blocking effect is that the surface is tightened very tightly, and the torque value meets the requirements, but in fact, the coupling is not compressed; also, there is another situation, due to the supporting effect of impurities such as sludge and scale in the screw hole, Although the bolt torque complies with the regulations, the workpiece is not tightened. Under such false solidity, vibration, load shock, and temperature changes often cause the bolts to loosen quickly.
The above is a misunderstanding of using blind rivet nut false solid snails. Of course, countersunk head rivet nut will also have misunderstandings. www.khfastener.com
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Apr 12 2021
haining khfastener :
Advantages Of Half Hex Rivet Nut
The hex rivet nut is a novel and practical sheet metal fastener product, and the half hex rivet nut , as the name implies, is that half of the rivet nut has a hexagonal column and half a cylinder.
The deformation of a rivet nut is similar to the bulging deformation process of a cylindrical member or a tube material, and the bulging coefficient is generally used to indicate the degree of bulging deformation. Half hex rivet nut can provide fast, reliable,... see more low-cost connection, strong bearing capacity, installation, and connection does not damage the working surface, plating, and is not easy to deform; it has strong anti-corrosion, strong torsion resistance, anti-rotation, high connection strength, and many options, The riveting range is wide and other functions; the product is flexible in application, beautiful and stable, and the specifications are serialized; the performance is better than welding nuts, self-tapping nuts, traditional nuts, and bolts; single-sided riveting is the riveting of middle hole frames, shells, pipes, The profile may need to be an excellent solution for closed assembly; to ensure that the internal thread after installation is fastened and durable; it can be used with bolts; at the same time, it has the function of rivets, which can rive loose thin plates together.
Of course, hex rivet nut also has these advantages. www.khfastener.com
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Mar 28 2021
haining khfastener :
Understand The Installation Precautions Of Hex Rivet Nut
As we all know, although the volume of the nut is not large, the range of action is indeed very wide. Like hex rivet nut , it can be widely used in the assembly of electromechanical and light industrial products such as automobiles, aviation, railways, refrigeration, elevators, switches, instruments, furniture, decorations, etc. However, we still have some precautions and installation methods when using hex rivet nut.
Note: After... see more this product is installed, around pie-shaped protrusion will be formed on the workpiece.
Product installation method: Put the product into the pre-punched or drilled installation hole, and apply a pulling force to the product according to the standard installation force to install the product in place.
The half hex rivet nut is very similar to the hex rivet nut, and the usage and installation are similar. www.khfastener.com
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Mar 15 2021
haining khfastener :
The Material Used By Hex Rivet Nut
If we need to use a nut on a thin iron sheet, because the iron sheet is too thin, it is not easy to tap and weld. At this time, we need to use a blind rivet nut or a pressure rivet nut. We all know that the hex rivet nut and other rivet nuts are widely used in the sheet metal industry. Rivet nuts are often used in our home life.
The hex rivet nut is made of galvanized iron, 304 stainless steel, and 316 stainless steel. The specifications supplied are... see more M3-M12. The hex rivet nut is divided into flat head hexagonal blind rivet nuts and small head hexagonal blind rivet nuts, which are installed in the hexagonal bottom hole. Because of its hexagonal shape, it can completely prevent slippage and can withstand greater torque. After testing, even if the thread is damaged, the hexagonal rivet nut can still be firmly riveted on the thin plate. Its installation method is the same as that of ordinary circular riveting. The installation method of the nut is the same, except that when punching the bottom hole, it must be punched into a hexagonal hole that is compatible with it. The national standard number is GB/T17880.5.
The shape of the half hex rivet nut is slightly different from that of the hex rivet nut, and the purpose and installation method are very similar. www.khfastener.com
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Mar 8 2021
haining khfastener :
The Most Complete Way To Use A Countersunk Head Rivet Nut
As we all know, there are many types of rivet nuts, countersunk head rivet nut , as a kind of rivet nut, naturally, there are many models. Many people know that there are rivet nuts, and they also know how to use rivet nuts, but there are still some people who do not use rivet nuts correctly. Do you know how to use rivet nuts is correct?
The use of rivet nuts requires the use of a rivet nut gun such as a manual rivet nut gun.... see more Put the corresponding rivet nut on the end of the rivet bolt and pinch it firmly, and push the bakelite to screw on the gun head bolt. Then pierce the rivet nut into the pre-drilled willow piece, and press the two handles forcefully. At this moment, the rivet nut swells to rivet the workpiece and then pulls out the bakelite ball, and the rivet nut is withdrawn from the threaded hole. The device of the rivet nut can be completed.
The above is the most correct way to use rivet nuts. This method is suitable for most rivet nuts. Naturally, blind rivet nut will not be an exception. However, when using a manual rivet nut gun or other tools, you must Pay attention to your safety, and protect yourself is the top priority. www.khfastener.com
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