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16 days ago
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Hydraulic Fittings Company Introduces The Use Skills Of Hydraulic Hoses

According to Hydraulic Fittings Company , the hydraulic hose is composed of three layers, which can maintain a stable flow of fluid and handle the pressure it bears while preventing wear and abrasion. These layers include: protective outer layer. The top layer is a rigid material that can resist wear, oil, water and other environmental factors. Reinforcement layer This is the protective layer covering the... see more inner tube. It consists of one to several wire sheaths, which can be coiled or braided to protect the hose from tearing.

The inner tube is designed and manufactured by synthetic rubber, thermoplastic or PDFE. The hose design must be compatible with the application, which will allow for low or high pressure. Hydraulic Hose Compatibility When a hydraulic hose is assembled correctly, it can operate flawlessly in a variety of applications. However, some practices that weaken the hose and shorten the service life,

When the pressure of the hose exceeds these standards, it will cause failure and shorten the service life. In the hydraulic system, it is not compatible with the assembly of accessories, mixing hose types, and not reducing the hose according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Hydraulic hoses can withstand kinks, wear, pull and twist. By matching the hose to the contour of the hydraulic press and considering other obstacles, it should fit snugly without causing damage. Hose structure type When selecting the ideal hydraulic hose for the application, reinforcement is an important part to consider. The suction hose should be able to withstand high-pressure hydraulic fluid without failure. Good reinforcement can handle shocks, pulses and conventional loads in hydraulic equipment.

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23 days ago
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Bite Type Tube Fittings Company Introduces The Requirements For The Use Of Tapered Threaded Joints

Accurate identification of port fittings in fluid power piping systems is very important for selecting and installing hoses or pipes from one move to another. In addition, if repairing hoses and connectors, for the same reason, accurate identification is also applicable.

Attempting to connect connectors and ports with different thread configurations will result... see more in thread binding, which will make the connectors and ports unusable. The three tools that help identify the correct connector of the port are calipers, pitch gauges and seat angle gauges. ID/OD calipers These calipers measure the inner diameter (I.D.) of the internal thread and the outer diameter (O.D.) of the external thread.

When using a thread gauge, this will determine how many threads are in each inch or millimeter or in the coupling post. When leaning the gauge on the thread, comparing the two with the illuminated background will help to obtain a more accurate measurement. There are three types of hydraulic joint sealing methods for seat angle gauges to prevent leakage when the joints are connected together. One type of mating angle fitting is the mating angle fitting. When two joints are mated together, the threads are not the cause of the seal to prevent leakage. A seal is formed when the two mating corner seats are connected together. If the two angles do not match, leakage will occur. The seat angle gauge tool measures the matching angle seat of the accessory.

Bite Type Tube Fittings Company introduces tapered threaded joints. When the male and female threaded joints are threaded together, the tapered thread method forms a leak-proof seal, deforms the tapered thread, and applies pressure to the sealed joint.

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Jun 23 2021
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Dutch Bike For Sale Supplier Introduces The Relevant Requirements For Riding

Dutch Bike For Sale Supplier introduces 5 precautions for riding on rainy days:

1. Install the mudguard. This will prevent you from being thrown all over with rain and mud.

2. Keep your sight clear. When riding in the rain, glasses with yellow or clear lenses are a good choice. The yellow lens is very useful when the line of sight is not good. It has the effect of lighting... see more and the shape of the scene will be clearer. This is not comparable to the transparent lens. At the same time, install a striking warning device behind the car to avoid being rear-ended.

3. Turn on the lights. It has the function of lighting, and it also makes it easier for the car driver to see you and other people riding with you.

4. Be sure to pay attention to safety. When riding on a rainy day, you must pay attention to safety. At this time, the road is slippery and easy to slip. In the event of a thunderstorm and the rain is heavy, it is best to find a place to shelter from the rain. Avoid rain in the house to avoid lightning strikes, and do not shelter from rain on dangerous hillsides to prevent landslides or mudslides. When thundering, do not stand in higher places.

5. A cup of hot drink to drive away the cold. After arriving at the destination, quickly change the clothes on your body, drink a cup of hot ginger water and other hot beverages to drive away the cold and prevent colds.

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Jun 11 2021
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Hydraulic Fittings Company Introduces The Details Of The Use Of Hydraulic Hose Fittings

It may be easy for many people to recognize the sealing method used by appearance, but the thread form may not be so easy to confirm. Thread forms are not as easy to identify as sealing methods, because most of them look the same. When people try to identify the thread form, the result can be a time-consuming and laborious process that takes a lot of time. On the other hand, accessories can be easily... see more identified. Hydraulic Fittings Company introduces how to use hydraulic hose fittings.

Hydraulic hose joints can be permanent or reusable. Permanent hydraulic hose joints are often used in the fluid power industry. Due to its ease of use and quick connection, especially compared to reusable joints, this type of hose joint is widely used in the industry. Permanent hydraulic hose couplings can also be considered more reliable than reusable hydraulic hose couplings. The reusable hydraulic hose connector is not permanently connected to the hydraulic hose. The reusable hydraulic hose end does not need to be connected to the hydraulic hose. When using reusable hydraulic hoses, a collar will be placed at the end of the hose. After placing the collar, screw a valve stem into the collar, which will form an even seal.

The hydraulic hose connector can be tightened with a tool, or the hose connector can be tightened by hand. Because many people think that this technology is obsolete, reusable hydraulic hose couplings are no longer used frequently today. People can identify reusable accessories based on how it is installed. Using clamps or wrenches, reusable connectors can be easily installed on hoses. Reusable hydraulic hose joints are generally more expensive than permanent hose joints, and the assembly process is generally longer.

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Jun 4 2021
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Hydraulic Fittings Company Introduces The Use Skills Of Hydraulic Fittings

According to Hydraulic Fittings Company , the advantage of hydraulic fittings is their superior pressure resistance, which is usually several times that of ordinary fittings. For many high-pressure hydraulic systems, the ordinary head can not bear the pressure. For example, we know that the impact of sudden bursting of hydraulic oil pipes is huge, and only special hydraulic joints are used. Therefore, ordinary... see more handpieces cannot replace hydraulic joints. In addition, the aging or pollution of the oil will not only cause problems in the components of the system, and accelerate the aging and wear of the oil seal, but also the dirt in it is likely to scratch or embed the oil seal, making the seal ineffective. Ordinary connectors can't afford it.

For high-pressure and large-flow hydraulic systems, when the actuators (hydraulic cylinders or hydraulic motors, etc.) change phases, if the performance of the reversing valve is not good, hydraulic shock is very easy to occur. The instantaneous high pressure of hydraulic shock may be several times the operating pressure of the system. Such high pressure will tear the oil seal or partially squeeze it into the gap in a very short time, causing serious damage. Only hydraulic joints have a certain endurance.

1. Because it can be directly connected with straight copper pipes, it does not need to be calcined or welded.

2. Three sealing materials are provided according to the nature of the fluid, which can be used in the production lines of air conditioners and refrigerators, and have a variety of sizes to suit copper pipes of different calibers

3. It can be used for pressure test, vacuuming, refrigerant filling, etc.

4. The chuck and sealing of the catheter can be completed with only one wrench lever operation, and the end surface and outer circumference of the catheter adopt a double sealing structure to ensure excellent air tightness and vacuum resistance.

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