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The oxford fabric is mostly interwoven with polyester-cotton blended yarn and cotton yarn and adopts a weft-weight flat or square flat weave. It has the characteristics of easy washing and quick-drying, soft hand feeling, good moisture absorption and comfo
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Oxford fabric originated in England and is a traditional combed cotton fabric named after Oxford University. The finer combed high-count yarn is used as the double warp, which is interwoven with the thicker weft yarn in a flat weft structure. The color is
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Hangzhou Xiaoshan Zhengda Textile Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in the research, development, production and trade of Oxford cloth and clothing fabrics. Our products include oxford fabric, jacquard fabric, etc., and its applications range from cl
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The chemical name of nylon is "polyester amine fiber", and "nylon" is the transliteration of the famous product. There are many nylon fabrics on the market now, and it is the first synthetic fiber in the world.
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