Next, I will introduce you to the uses of polyester fabrics:   In terms of characteristics, polyester fabrics have high strength and elastic resilience, which are more suitable for making clothing products; and the light resistance of polyester is not bad,
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The 21st century is the age of science and technology, the age of individualization, the maturity of the technology and the market, which has promoted the rapid development of textile digital printing in recent years and has provided consumers with exquisi
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Moisture-wicking and quick-drying fabrics are the most common in sportswear. Obviously, this is a functional fabric that is customized for people who love sports. After exercise, it will inevitably release too much sweat, while ordinary pure cotton fabric
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As a kind of chemical fiber fabric, 100% polyester fabric is a kind of chemical fiber fabric with a higher usage rate among chemical fiber fabrics. Although polyester fabrics have poor air permeability, they are still widely used in the market due to their
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Five years ago, the entire textile market basically did not have a recycled fabric product, and even if it did, it was mostly just a concept. But now, there are more and more textile factories producing recycled fabrics, and the products are becoming more
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The oxford fabric is mostly interwoven with polyester-cotton blended yarn and cotton yarn and adopts a weft-weight flat or square flat weave. It has the characteristics of easy washing and quick-drying, soft hand feeling, good moisture absorption and comfo
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Fabrics play an important role in life and production. There are many types of fabrics on the market. Different types of fabric products often have significant differences in performance. Today we are here to introduce you to a product called coated fabric
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Leather has always been the darling of outdoor fabrics, both comfortable and beautiful. Most people don't know how to properly maintain luggage fabrics, so how should we maintain leather luggage? Generally, ordinary luggage fabrics are nothing more than l
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Oxford fabric originated in England and is a traditional combed cotton fabric named after Oxford University. The finer combed high-count yarn is used as the double warp, which is interwoven with the thicker weft yarn in a flat weft structure. The color is
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There are many kinds of luggage, such as trolley bags, handbags, handbags, backpacks, mountaineering bags, school bags, cosmetic bags, tool bags, music equipment bags, sports bags, and so on. Recently, bags made of PVC fabrics are popular with consumers be
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The chemical name of nylon is "polyester amine fiber", and "nylon" is the transliteration of the famous product. There are many nylon fabrics on the market now, and it is the first synthetic fiber in the world.
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