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Oxford fabric originated in England and is a traditional combed cotton fabric named after Oxford University. The finer combed high-count yarn is used as the double warp, which is interwoven with the thicker weft yarn in a flat weft structure. The color is
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Gel is a high-reliability polymer material that has good compatibility and biological inertness with human tissues and is known as "human skin". Eco Friendly Gel has a series of excellent properties, let's take a look at it together: Main Feature: 1. Imp
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Miao embroidery has always been an indispensable element in the printing and dyeing design process because of its soft pattern and line combination and exquisite workmanship. With the continuous improvement of ecological and humanistic concepts, its nation
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Considering the inherent strength of magnets (relative to mass and weight), magnets can be used in many different applications. Since electromagnets can be turned off and on, they can be used in powerful equipment and vehicles, such as magnetic levitation
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There are many kinds of luggage, such as trolley bags, handbags, handbags, backpacks, mountaineering bags, school bags, cosmetic bags, tool bags, music equipment bags, sports bags, and so on. Recently, bags made of PVC fabrics are popular with consumers be
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Nike has added to its Nike SB Dunk Low Wolf Grey UK shoe inventory a beautiful latest design in the Air Force 1 Low line with the "Archaeo Brown" color scheme. This color scheme is one of the few daring comebacks of classic models that Nike has launched re
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The computerized embroidery machine has the characteristics of simple structure, stable work, multiple functions, a high degree of automation, easy operation and low noise. The mid-to-high-end computerized embroidery machine is also equipped with high-spee
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There is no need to get off the car elevator, press the elevator button, and then enter the car, why? Car elevators undoubtedly bring a lot of convenience to car owners and users. However, every time you enter a car elevator, the car owner must first get
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Black and white is one of the strongest color combinations you can choose. Black and white transcend style—the color combination is equally sophisticated used in modern and traditional homes. Now, here are a few design tips for how you should use black and
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Nowadays, the outer layer of luggage is generally oxford fabric, which has been treated with PU whitening to achieve waterproof and tear-proof effects. The inner lining can be thin Oxford cloth, treated with PA coating, waterproof and breathable, and some
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