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You Should Pick Up Rectangular Enameled Wire

First of all, before understanding rectangular enameled wire, let's talk about the relevant knowledge of rectangular wire.

Rectangular wire retaining rings, or rectangular section rings, are retaining rings made from carbon spring steel with a rectangular cross section. This style of retaining ring provides a larger shoulder for retaining parts on a shaft or inside a bore or housing. Rectangular wire rings are often used in fear systems or bearing assemblies.

Made in carbon spring steel with oil dip or phosphate finish

Made in metric and inch sizes

Suitable for grooved internal and external applications

Assumptions and Limitations

Dimensions are in meters.

Wire is assumed to have uniform circular cross section over its length.

Wire relative permeability: Symbol-muR

Wire relative conductivity: Symbol-sigmaR

We are a reliable supplier of rectangular wires for industrial equipment such as automotive motors, transformers and generators. Film adhesion, beneficial heat resistance, chemical resistance and refrigerant resistance, corrosion resistance and excellent thermal shock resistance.

Rectangular enameled wire has a wide range of applications and also has unique advantages. Our company's products have reliable quality assurance and superior transportation conditions. If you need rectangular enameled wire , you can go to the contact us module of our company's official website for communication.

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