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Which embroidery machine has the most functions?

With the rapid development of society, handicrafts have also entered the era of the Industrial Revolution. With the general development of towel embroidery machines, the market has different requirements for embroidery machines.

An embroidery machine is a machine for embroidery. When embroidery first broke away from manual embroidery, the so-called embroidery machine at the time was not actually an embroidery machine in the true sense, because the embroidery machine at that time was a traditional sewing machine, replaced with a bottom plate with a small round hole, and the sewing machine the needle kept on. Going in and out, coupled with holding the stretched cloth with the embroidery frame, moving back and forth, in fact, this so-called embroidery machine is still a kind of hand embroidery.

Under the popularity of various embroidery machines, the towel sequin embroidery machine is a computerized embroidery machine with multiple functions. Its main functions are flat embroidery, towel embroidery, chain embroidery, and tape embroidery. The embroidery quality is exquisite, the machine has a long service life, low noise, low power consumption, accurate positioning, and exquisite embroidery. The storage function is perfect, and it has excellent speed regulation and calculation ability. It can save production man-hours while improving your production efficiency. Embroidery tracking and workpiece accumulation allow you to know the production progress at any time.


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