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What should I pay attention to when buying seamless steel pipes?

Huzhou Nanxun Yintuo Special Material Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the development and production of high-quality ferritic stainless steel seamless pipe and tube, nickel-nickel alloy and seamless pipe, and seamless pipe for sale.

Seamless steel pipes are used in many industries in many regions, but for customers, they often do not have a deep understanding of how to purchase such pipes. Therefore, this article also briefly introduces what are the common problems in purchasing this type of steel pipe. First of all, when purchasing this kind of steel pipe, you must choose a large and medium-sized seamless steel pipe manufacturer to purchase. You must know that the steel pipe manufactured by such a steel pipe manufacturer is guaranteed in quality and can ensure that the customer does not use it after purchase. There will be too many problems. Secondly, when purchasing such steel pipes, the company that sells steel pipes should also be required to produce documents that certify the quality of the steel pipe products and the certificate number for the implementation of consumer consent management measures.

Perhaps such basic matters, many consumers will know when they choose seamless steel pipes, but consumers who don’t know about this type of steel pipes, apart from these very basic precautions, do they need to pay attention to them when buying. of? According to industry experts, in addition to the basic selection items, customers should also understand the process performance and labeling of steel pipes, because steel pipes should be rolled on the surface with model designation, company name and steel pipe diameter. The more important point is to pay attention to observation. The surface of the steel pipe is not allowed to have defects such as cracks, scabs, and expansion. If you find such problems as the steel pipe during the selection process, you should still pay attention to it.

All in all, the application of seamless steel pipes has become a very common thing. For many companies, it is very common to buy such steel pipes daily, so it is very necessary to pay more attention when purchasing. Using the stain resistance of seamless steel pipes, you can pour a small amount of ink or water on the surface of the steel pipe and let it rest for about three minutes when purchasing, then wash it or wipe it with a rag, and then check whether the remaining traces are obvious. . If only a small amount of traces are left, it proves that the steel pipe has strong antifouling properties and good physical properties. On the contrary, if there are obvious traces, it has been proved that the quality of the steel pipe is poor and the antifouling properties are not good. In addition, when choosing the steel pipe, you can also consider tapping the pipe body with your hands. If the sound is a silver bell-like sound, it proves that the steel pipe has a high density and good quality.


We are constantly moving forward, but we also see the stars and ambitious ambitions. For more information, please contact us: seamless pipe manufacturers. Christmas time is here. I hope you have a wonderful New Year. May hold happy hours for you.

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