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What is the Quality of Printing Related to?

The 21st century is the age of science and technology, the age of individualization, the maturity of the technology and the market, which has promoted the rapid development of textile digital printing in recent years and has provided consumers with exquisite clothing products.

As the user of the equipment, pay attention to the main characteristics of the direct-injection printing equipment such as the printing accuracy of the equipment, the stability of the equipment, the ease of operation, the ease of maintenance, adaptability, and the cost of use.

The most commonly used print heads for printing are piezoelectric print heads and industrial print heads. Compared with print heads for printing, industrial print heads are expensive but have a long service life, low resolution, and large ink droplets; but from the perspective of textile printing, due to the thicker fabric fibers, the resolution above 720dpi, from the perspective of visual effects It is difficult to distinguish.

Second, the impact of mechanical accuracy on printing is actually far greater than the resolution of the print head. The format of the general printing machine is 1600-2200mm, and the length of the shaft roller is generally 2200-2800mm. If the error is 0.1mm, during the printing process, the nozzle may cross at the connecting part of the two inkjets, and there may be a blank line on the other side, which is unacceptable by any customer; the same is true. If there is a problem with concentricity and straightness, the phenomenon is similar.

Ink also has a great influence on printing accuracy. If the ink fluency is not good and there are too many mechanical impurities, there may be thread breakage and plugging. During the printing process, white lines will appear, which will affect the accuracy of the printing. If the ink viscosity, surface tension and other parameters have problems, it may cause oblique spray.

To sum up, if we want to get a good printing quality and get a good printing accuracy, we can't just pay attention to the resolution of the nozzle, the mechanical accuracy and the quality of the optional ink are also very important.

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