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What is a high-quality passenger elevator?

Passenger elevators are very common in our lives. What about a high-quality passenger elevator there? Let’s take a look at WEBSTAR:

1. Small machine room passenger elevator

In order to save building space, expand building space utilization, make operation more sensitive and reliable, and make buildings more elegant and beautiful, SE series small machine room passenger elevator adopts compact and dense permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine and specially designed control Cabinet, so that the area of the machine room is exactly the same as the area of the hoistway.

2. Convenient installation, improve efficiency

SE series small machine room passenger elevator technology helps you improve engineering efficiency and speed up construction. The use of the SE series small machine room passenger elevator can ensure the smooth operation of the construction project, and will not have any impact on the project progress due to the elevator installation. At the same time, when it needs to be updated and constructed, the main engine of the SE series small machine room passenger elevator can be easily moved out of the machine room for easy replacement, while the traditional main machine is fixed in the machine room.

3. Greatly save space

The compact permanent magnet synchronous gearless main engine can leave more space for the machine room. When the equipment is hoisted from the top of the building for installation, the crane facilities required for this lightweight host are much smaller than the traditional equipment room. It can even be hoisted directly from the hoistway.

4.Using ultra-high-speed elevator serial control system

The control system adopts dual 32-bit networked intelligent serial communication elevator special control system. This system greatly improves the CPU computing speed. Four-layer board surface mount technology, CAN bus serial communication, so as to ensure the high-speed and reliable transmission of a large amount of data.

5. Adopt terminal line reduction technology

The ultra-high-speed elevator requires a long pit buffer distance. If the speed of the car can be limited to a lower value before reaching the terminal buffer, the depth of the pit and the height of the top layer can be reduced accordingly. The use of terminal reduction stroke technology is to achieve the purpose of shortening the buffer stroke under the premise of ensuring the safety of the system.


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