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What are the precautions when using the lift?

Precautions for safe operation of the lifting platform are as follows:

1. Please strictly follow the safety and protection tips on the hydraulic lifting platform, and learn to understand the safety issues in the use of the lifting platform;

2. Non-professional maintenance personnel are forbidden to perform maintenance operations without authorization. When installing, assembling, maintaining and disassembling the hydraulic pump station and other components of the lifting platform, there must be no internal pressure (pressure value is zero), and there should be no load on the equipment ;

3. Before any maintenance and maintenance of the hydraulic pump station, the power supply of the lifting platform motor and all other electrical equipment must be cut off in advance. The connection and cut-off of all power sources should be operated by professional and technical personnel;

4. When maintaining and disassembling hydraulic pump stations that are not driven by electric motors (such as pneumatic, hydraulic or mechanical), all power sources should be cut off in advance and the hydraulic station should be in a state of no power source;

5. The hydraulic oil of the lifting platform may have a bad effect on human health, and it may cause injury if it comes in direct contact with the skin and eyes;

6. It is strictly forbidden to disassemble various valves, joints, accessories and other components on the hydraulic pump station of the hydraulic lifting platform without authorization. The loose parts may cause the load to fall and the equipment damage;

7. Hydraulic oil will pollute the environment. Recycle containers should be used when replacing them, and corresponding leak-proof and oil-absorbing measures should be taken;

8. The use and storage of hydraulic oil will be restricted under some special conditions. Please pay attention to the manufacturer’s instructions and comply with the relevant effective laws of the country where it is used.

Environmental requirements for the normal use of the lifting platform:

1. It is strictly forbidden to use it when the wind force is ≥3;

2. Ambient temperature, 5℃~45℃;

3. The ground is solid, not soft or has the possibility of collapse;

4. Do not use it in the open air in rainy and snowy weather.


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