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Traction elevator, hydraulic elevator, screw elevator

At present, household villa elevators are divided into three types according to the driving mode: traction elevator, hydraulic elevator and screw elevator.

Traction elevators are a more common type of elevator in daily public places. The structure is relatively complicated. It needs to reserve special machine room, pit, hoistway and counterweight space. The reserved size is larger, the space utilization rate is average, and special personnel are required. Maintenance, the main brands are Otis, Hitachi, Mitsubishi, etc.

Because of its large load-bearing capacity, hydraulic elevators are mostly used in industrial fields, such as ports, factories, ships, etc., requiring separate machine rooms and self-built shafts. If used at home, the more prominent problem is that they are prone to odor or oil leakage. At present, the best hydraulic elevator on the market is Southeast Elevator.

The screw elevator originated in Europe and is mainly used for household use. It has lower requirements for civil engineering during installation. The smaller reserved size is 870x910mm, and the space utilization rate can reach more than 90%. It comes with an integrated steel structure hoistway. Due to its simple structure, installation and maintenance Insurance is very simple and fast.


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