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The villa elevator gives the family intimate care

Compared with ordinary elevators, villa elevators are not only technically, but also unusual. The villa elevator has the following advantages:

1. Caring for your family

In order to integrate into the warm home environment and meet the needs of high-end villas, the simple machine room design and personalized technical support improve comfort while saving space for users, extending the service life of the elevator, and bringing you more star-rated follow-up services Intimate care.

2. Simple space

The permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine is adopted, and the "down-drawn" traction structure is adopted, which simplifies the building structure, prolongs the service life and saves costs for users;

LED energy-saving light curtain, LCD display, simple operation interface, bring simple and elegant space experience.

3. Caring for the young and old

Equipped with power failure self-rescue function, self-rescue operation through UPS power supply, automatic leveling to the appropriate position to open the door and release people, giving intimate care to the elderly and children; infrared door lock detection system, dense beam, wide coverage, sensitive to small objects, waiting for corruption Children playing and slow-walking elderly people ensure safe entry and exit.

4. Warm feeling

Invite space design masters to participate in the design, make the car design harmoniously match the residential environment, enhance the architectural taste, and bring a warm home feeling; active full service, 24-hour attention to the elevator operation status, provide timely and effective troubleshooting, APP remote control System to ensure the maintenance in place and high-quality service.


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