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The difference between hydraulic freight elevator and elevator?

Every day, there are customer consultations that I want an elevator that rises several meters. We understand that the customer needs a freight elevator that rises several meters. That is, what he needs is a hydraulic lifting platform, so what is the difference between a hydraulic lifting platform and an elevator? ? Why can't the hydraulic lifting platform be called an elevator?

Everyone mistakenly thinks that elevators are elevators, they are all the same, and they are all lifting work. This kind of thinking is wrong. Hydraulic lifts and elevators are like two Chinese people. Foreigners seem to have no difference, but insiders know that their customs and dialects are not the same. This is like hydraulic lifts and elevators. .

With doubts today, I will improve the difference between hydraulic lift and elevator. Elevators and elevators are both lifts, but the biggest difference is the stroke.

The advantage of hydraulic elevators is that they are stable, especially the initial end of the current lifting, but a good hydraulic elevator can reach more than ten meters, and the elevator uses a mechanism similar to a hoist, which can reach tens of meters or even hundreds of meters. Well compensated for this ill. However, the elevator relies on the electric motor as the power, and its load capacity is not particularly large, so it can not play the role of heavy cargo.

The hydraulic elevator, of course, has an electric motor, but its power source is hydraulic oil. The essential difference lies in the drive. We can intuitively see that the hydraulic lifting platform is powered by the cylinder hydraulic pressure and runs along the guide rails, but at the same time there are wire ropes or chains that stop the vertical ascent or descend movement, which can only transport goods; while the elevator has power. The room is vertically hauled up, down and down by steel ropes along the guide rails at the same time, and the blocked box runs up and down while carrying goods and people.

The hydraulic lifting platform is a kind of vertical carrying platform, with low cost and simple construction. After the factory is customized for consumption, it can be installed basically in one day. After driving principle, dual-track positioning and other common process design, it has the characteristics of large carrying capacity and good stability. It has been generally recognized by many warehousing companies and transportation companies. It is recognized by the Technical Supervision Bureau that hydraulic lifting platforms are tools and do not require approval for construction.


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