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The Value Of An Ergonomic Computer Chair

Many people think that it is not worthwhile to spend money on an ergonomic computer chair , so let's take a look today.

Let's first calculate an account. Assuming that an ordinary employee sits for 6 hours a day, and a month is calculated as 21 working days. If he starts to work at the age of 23 and retires at the age of 55, then this person spends it in a chair The time is about 33264 hours, which is a huge number. The hazards of sitting for a long time are from head to toe, and it is easy to cause obesity, thick legs, varicose veins, and other hidden dangers. The World Health Organization has long listed "sedentary" as one of the top ten causes of death.

An ergonomic chair can effectively relieve the pressure on the spine caused by sitting for a long time, and it can also effectively improve our office efficiency. Calculated by a computer chair of about 1,000 yuan, assuming the service life is five years, the daily investment is only 0.5 yuan, which is very cost-effective for our physical health and comfort experience, so for office workers with a budget An ergonomic chair is still worth choosing.

Just like we need a good metal office chair at work, it's all worthwhile.

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