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Recycled Fabrics that are Environmentally Friendly

Five years ago, the entire textile market basically did not have a recycled fabric product, and even if it did, it was mostly just a concept. But now, there are more and more textile factories producing recycled fabrics, and the products are becoming more and more abundant. From recycled fabrics to recycled clothing, the entire industrial chain is gradually becoming clear.

Most of the raw materials for recycled fabrics come from plastic bottles or waste clothing. It seems that the use of low-cost "garbage" should greatly reduce the cost, but this is not the case. The price of recycled raw materials is higher than that of virgin raw materials, so the price of woven fabrics will naturally not below.

The various costs of recycled fabrics make the price of finished fabrics more than 80% higher than that of conventional fabrics. Without policy guidance, high prices limit the possibility of recycled fabrics entering other regions. A large number of weavers followed up, fighting fiercely in the small recycled fabric market, and the high profits of hot-selling fabrics would then drop sharply.

It is indeed the general trend that recycled fabrics conform to environmental protection. However, the emerging environmentally friendly fabric market has just started and is immature in all aspects. It is urgent for textile people to calm down to overcome difficulties and push recycled fabrics to a new height. If it is unrealistic, it will disrupt the steadily rising market of recycled fabrics. On the one hand, it is difficult to guarantee the quality of fabrics. On the other hand, new products with high added value will be dragged into the ranks of low-price competition.


As a functional fabric manufacturer, Hangzhou Xiaoshan Zhengda Textile Co., Ltd. is committed to producing environmentally friendly fabrics such as RPET fabric. If you need to order, please contact us.


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