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Reasons why polyester fabrics are widely used

As a kind of chemical fiber fabric, 100% polyester fabric is a kind of chemical fiber fabric with a higher usage rate among chemical fiber fabrics. Although polyester fabrics have poor air permeability, they are still widely used in the market due to their lower cost than cotton and linen fabrics.

First of all, polyester fabric is super elastic. Repeatedly rubbing the polyester fabric will quickly recover its original shape without leaving wrinkles. This is beyond the reach of other fabrics.

Secondly, polyester fabric has excellent heat resistance. It can be said that polyester has the best heat resistance among chemical fiber fabrics, and it has strong plasticity and does not require excessive ironing. However, polyester fabrics have poor melting resistance and are easy to burn out holes when encountering sparks, so you must pay special attention when wearing them.

Polyester fabric has better light resistance. Clothes made of polyester fabrics are generally more lightfast than natural fiber fabrics. Therefore, it is basically no problem to expose polyester shirts to the sun, and there is no need to worry about negative effects. This feature makes the light fastness of polyester fabric almost equal to that of acrylic fabric.

The chemical resistance of the polyester fabric is outstanding. The shirts made of polyester fabrics are not damaged by acid or alkali to a great extent, so some bleaching agents and oxidants have no effect on them, and polyester clothes are not afraid of mold or insects. This feature also leads to the poor dyeability of polyester fabrics, and the dyeing is relatively difficult, but once the dyeing is successful, it is not easy to fade.

Polyester fabric has poor hygroscopicity, so it is generally used for quick-drying clothes. At the same time, because of its poor hygroscopicity, it is easy to accumulate static electricity in winter and affect comfort. However, it is very easy to dry after washing, and the wet strength hardly drops, does not deform, and has good wash and wear properties.


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