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Introduction to Pot Magnet

The pot magnet is in a steel shell, which is sometimes called a pot-encapsulated permanent magnet, hence the name "pot" magnet. Permanent magnets can emit a magnetic field without any electrical energy. Pot magnets are commonly used as magnetic bases and magnetic supports for ceiling signs in large supermarkets.

The working principle of a pot-shaped magnet is to attach itself to ferromagnetic materials by means of its magnetic field, or to attach to non-ferromagnetic materials by means of accessories (such as studs and threaded holes) on the top of its steel shell. ...The greater the pull of the pot magnet, the more material it can attract.

Pot magnets can be used for various mounting options, such as for tightening. For this, there is a continuous cylinder bore with an internal thread in the middle. If there are other countersunk head screws, nothing will protrude when using a suitable countersunk head screw. Magnets with discontinuous threaded bushes on the back are screwed onto pins with external threads. There are also types with threaded pins for screwing into sockets. If you do not have these mounting options, you can also paste the magnet into the appropriate opening. Different versions of the product have hooks or perforations on the non-adhesive side, which can be easily and flexibly hooked on the metal surface.

Pot magnets are also called deep pot magnets, fabricated magnets, fastening magnets, or clamping magnets. The magnetic core is integrated into the round steel pot. The resulting magnetic short circuit will increase the magnetic flux, thereby increasing the adhesion. Because this very low design can be achieved, the name of the magnet is a deep pot magnet.

The pot-shaped magnet is easy to fix and can be firmly fixed for lifting or grasping. It is an ideal detachable connection not only in metal, factories, exhibitions, or shop buildings. Deep pot magnets are ideal for attaching objects firmly to metal surfaces.


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