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How to prevent the bathroom cabinet from being damp and deformed?

When choosing a bathroom washbasin cabinet, we will give more consideration to the moisture-proof problem of high-quality bathroom cabinets. Because the bathroom uses a lot of water, the environment is very humid. How should we deal with the moisture-proof work of bathroom cabinets?

Wall-mounted bathroom cabinets or wall-mounted bathroom cabinets can prevent water vapor penetration. The floor is the main source of moisture in the bathroom. The wall-mounted bathroom cabinet solves the problem of moisture absorption at the bottom of the cabinet. It not only avoids direct contact with the ground but also maximizes the use of the upper space of the bathroom.

Corner bathroom cabinets with high metal feet can avoid direct contact with water vapor on the ground. If the bathroom cabinet uses wooden cabinet feet, it is easy to be damp and unknowingly introduce moisture into the cabinet, which will eventually cause the entire cabinet to deform. If the bottom of the cabinet uses metal as the foot material to support the cabinet, this problem will be solved ingeniously. In addition, the aluminum cabinet feet are very strong and can withstand the heavy pressure of the basin, and the rust-proof properties of aluminum can ensure that the cabinet feet will not rust after contact with water.

The washbasin bathroom cabinet is also used frequently. The outlet pipe of the washbasin penetrates the floor and enters the underground. The condensed water in the basin will also have the opportunity to sneak into the bottom of the cabinet from the cutting edge of the board, which will cause the bottom of the bathroom cabinet to be damp and deformed. Install a waterproof floor drain at the bottom of the pipe outlet to prolong the service life of the cabinet.

According to the usual bathing experience, we will find that when the washbasin or faucet in the bathroom encounters hot air, a large amount of condensed water will flow along the surface of the cabinet to the bottom of the bathroom sink cabinet, causing the cabinet to become moldy and deformed. If you can add a layer of waterproof aluminum foil or rubber pad to the bottom of the cabinet in time, this problem can be solved well.


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