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How to create a black and white bathroom?

Black and white is one of the strongest color combinations you can choose. Black and white transcend style—the color combination is equally sophisticated used in modern and traditional homes. Now, here are a few design tips for how you should use black and white in your bathroom.

If you like the look of a black and white bathroom but don't want to overdo it, consider adding black with just a few accents: a black vanity with a white Corian countertop, a vanity mirror in an oversized black frame, or black tile on the shower floor. Black accents in the mirror and lighting can help to make an otherwise white interior more interesting.

The best thing about black and white is the contrast, but using a punch of color can be even better. You can do this with accent pieces like towels, bath mat, and soap dishes, or other decorative touches like antique apothecary jars, a bright piece of abstract art, or a large vase of flowers. Bright blue, orange, lime green, or pink are great colors to contrast with black and white. If you're bold enough, you can take it one step further and add color to the walls.


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