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Four considerations when installing bathroom cabinets

After selecting the right bathroom cabinet, it is also very important to install the bathroom cabinet correctly. If there is a little deviation in the installation process, it will cause unnecessary losses. So when installing bathroom cabinets, we need to pay attention to four aspects.

1. Before laying floor tiles and wall tiles, confirm the installation position of the bathroom cabinet. Since the installation of the bathroom cabinet requires holes in the wall, water inlet and drain holes are also required. Once installed, the position cannot generally be moved, so confirming the installation position of the bathroom cabinet is a prerequisite before installation.

2. After the position of the bathroom cabinet is determined, the shape and size of the bathroom cabinet can only be determined according to the installation position. When buying a bathroom cabinet, you should first measure the length and width of the reserved bathroom cabinet, and buy it according to this size.

3. When installing, it is necessary to drill holes on the wall with a pneumatic drill, so it is very important to confirm the water pipeline diagram and electrical wiring diagram before installation. If the water pipe or wire wiring diagram is broken, some wall tiles must be pried, causing unnecessary losses.

4. The accessories and installation of each bathroom cabinet are different, that is, the punching size of the same model is different, so you can generally install it according to the instructions, but the installation process is basically the same.


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