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Five questions that embroidery machine manufacturers should consider

For embroidery machine manufacturers, if they want to maintain sustained growth, one of their key points is to create four capabilities on the basis of their core business.

The first is the core competence of the market, the second is the strong profitability, the third is the strong anti-competitiveness and the last is the improvement of the embroidery machine manufacturers' comprehensive capabilities and a stable financial foundation.

In many moments, embroidery machine manufacturers have the above four capabilities and still cannot continue to grow. Therefore, continuous growth is still a huge challenge for all manufacturers.

Therefore, in response to a competitive and changing market, we need to think about the following five questions.

Market maturity requires embroidery machine manufacturers to answer what are the driving factors for growth?

The global competitive environment requires an embroidery machine manufacturers to answer where and how to compete?

When the industry is constantly growing and merging, the the direction of industry merging determines which business embroidery machine manufacturers must give up?

The competition for global resources requires an embroidery machine manufacturers to answer which development opportunities should be the key to their operations?

New technology requires embroidery machine manufacturers to answer how to make the growth sustainable.


In the future, embroidery machine manufacturers should continue to change, make continuous transformations, and achieve self-transcendence. Zhuji Zhiyu Machinery Co., Ltd. will also keep pace with the times and produce high-quality towel embroidery machines, taping embroidery machines and other types of embroidery machines to provide customers with the best service.

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