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Classification of material magnetism

Ningbo Tengxiao Magnetic Industry Co., Ltd. is a professional supplier of magnetic products and magnetic equipment, specializing in the production of high-quality NdFeB magnets, countersunk magnet and other magnetic equipment. Let me introduce the classification of magnetism.

Diamagnetism: When the magnetization M is negative, the solid is diamagnetic. Metals such as Bi, Cu, Ag, Au have this property. In an external magnetic field, the magnetic induction intensity inside such a magnetized medium is smaller than the magnetic induction intensity M in vacuum. The magnetic moment of the atoms (ions) of the diamagnetic substance should be zero, that is, there is no permanent magnetic moment. When a diamagnetic substance is placed in an external magnetic field, the external magnetic field changes the orbit of electrons, and induces a magnetic moment that is opposite to the direction of the external magnetic field. So diamagnetism comes from the change of the electron orbital state in the atom. Diamagnetism of diamagnetic materials is generally very weak, and the magnetic susceptibility H is generally about -10 to 5, which is a negative value.

The main characteristic of paramagnetic substances is that there is a permanent magnetic moment inside the atom regardless of the presence of an external magnetic field. However, when there is no external magnetic field, due to the random thermal vibration of the atoms of the paramagnetic substance, macroscopically, there is no magnetism; under the action of the external magnetic field, the magnetic moment of each atom is oriented relatively regularly, and the substance exhibits extremely weak magnetism. The magnetization is in the same direction as the external magnetic field, is positive, and is strictly proportional to the external magnetic field H.

For materials such as Fe, Co, Ni, etc., the magnetic susceptibility can reach 10-3 orders of magnitude at room temperature, and the magnetic properties of such materials are called ferromagnetic.


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