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Bathroom decoration precautions to share

Want to decorate into a high-value bathroom, to a large extent depends on the bathroom cabinet we choose. If the bathroom cabinet is not selected correctly, it is not just a problem of ugliness, but also problems such as less storage, difficult maintenance, and more maintenance. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the following things when installing the bathroom cabinet.

1. The bathroom cabinet should be made of waterproof sheet material or stainless steel or aluminum. These materials are not easy to mold. If solid wood bathroom cabinets are installed, it is recommended that the bathroom should be divided into dry and wet areas, and maintain ventilation.

2. It is recommended to choose an integrated basin for the basin of the bathroom cabinet, which is more convenient to clean.

3. The location of the bathroom cabinet should be reserved for the socket potential. It may be possible to install light strips or use small electrical appliances in a later period and reserve the sockets.

4. It is recommended to hollow out the wall pipe in the middle of the bathroom cabinet or install it after the drain so that the drain pipe will not be blocked in the middle of the cabinet, which is more convenient for storage.


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