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Answers to common questions about protective gloves

1. Protective gloves, natural rubber gloves should not be contaminated with acids, alkalis, and oils for a period of time, and should be prevented from puncture by sharp objects. After use, clean and dry them. After sprinkling talcum powder on the inside and outside of the gloves, the editor of the labor protection gloves thinks that they should be properly handled and stored. They should not be subjected to force or heat during storage.

2. The color of all rubber, latex and synthetic rubber gloves for protective gloves must be evenly distributed. Except for the standard thickness of the palm, the thickness of other parts of the gloves should be similar. The surface layer should be smooth or not higher than the palm. 1.5mm bubbles exist, allowing slight wrinkles but no cracks.

3. In addition to the use of protective gloves and insulated gloves in accordance with the regulations, the voltage compressive strength should be re-checked after 1 year of service life. Those who fail to pass should not be used as insulated gloves.

4. For protective gloves, choose a glove with a suitable size. The size of the glove should be appropriate. If the glove is too tight and restricts blood flow, it is very easy to cause fatigue and uncomfortable; if it is too loose, the application is inflexible, and it is very easy to slip off.

5. There are many kinds of protective gloves, and they should be used according to the main purpose. You must first clarify the security protection objects and then use them carefully to avoid improper use to prevent accidents.

6. Insulation layer of protective gloves For protective gloves, the appearance inspection must be carried out carefully before each application, and the gas is blown into the gloves by the blowing inspection method. It will not leak out spontaneously. If the inspection gloves have no leaks, they can be used as sanitary gloves. Insulating gloves can still be used when they are slightly damaged, but a pair of leather or gauze gloves should be placed on the outside of the insulating gloves to ensure safety.

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