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Analysis of five common protective gloves

Gloves are not only the direct tool of labor production but also the first tool of labor production. They are formed at one time and cannot be regenerated. It is difficult to repair the damage. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right knitted gloves for safety protection. Common protective gloves are as follows.

Labor protection gloves have the function of protecting hands and arms, and workers generally use this type of gloves when working.

Insulating gloves for live working should choose the appropriate gloves according to the voltage. Check the surface for cracks, stickiness, brittleness and other defects before use. If there is any abnormality, it is prohibited to use them.

Acid-resistant and alkali-resistant gloves are mainly used for gloves are worn when exposed to acids and alkalis.

Rubber oil-resistant gloves are mainly used for gloves that are worn when working in contact with mineral oil, vegetable oil and various aliphatic solvents.

Welder Gloves are protective gloves worn during electric and fire welding. The gloves must be of sufficient length and the wrists should not be exposed outside. Before use, check the leather or canvas surface for any defects such as stiffness, thin files, holes, etc., if there are defects, it is not allowed to use.


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