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6 days ago
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In recent years, passenger elevators have been developed and put into shopping malls, and they will be the most widely used in villas across the country, and many country villas will also use such elevators for equipment. The renderings of the equipment are getting better and better, and there are many advantages. So what are its advantages?

1. The equipment is convenient and fast. Because the passenger elevator adopts the planning concept of villa-style elevators, it develops a small... see more shaft as a pit, and there is no need for a dedicated overhead machine room at all. You only need to find a suitable room indoors and put down a dedicated control cabinet. can. From this perspective, its strengths are also recognized in the eyes of many owners.

2. The passenger elevator has excellent stair space. Through planning a set of plans, the layout will still be more characteristic in the future. From the perspective of elevator planning, there will be an emergency self-rescue function. All of this is a safe and reliable equipment. This will still show more different places during the renovation process, and improve the planning There will be more and more advantages in the differences between the above.

3. The driving equipment of the passenger elevator is relatively advanced, achieving the effect of environmental protection and energy saving. In the case of photoelectric protection equipment, its safety is still getting higher and higher. From this perspective, it is necessary for the elevator to have no input of passenger elevator operation demand commands within a certain period of time, so that it can achieve a very energy-saving effect. It is often necessary for the power-saving mode to be right and wrong for the entire passenger side, so as to save Power.

Passenger elevator traction steel wire ropes are generally composed of 6-8 pieces, with a safety factor of 12, and the safety function is guaranteed. The safety calculations in the engineering planning and practical operation experiments have proved its safety, so large-scale engineering will be possible use. The failure process of the wire rope is fretting fatigue. The wire breaks first, the strand breaks, and the rope breaks finally. This takes a long time. The maintenance personnel need to check the status of the passenger elevator wire rope every month, and replace the broken wire when the number reaches the specified value. New steel wire ropes for passenger elevators.

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20 days ago
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Villa elevators are now very common. For villa elevators, high-quality elevators have a much smaller probability of failure than defective elevators, and elevators will not easily present safety problems. Therefore, if the villa elevator is to be operated safely, the following conditions must be met:

1. Draft strict handling measures

Units and parts engaged in elevator installations and handling must formulate specific, feasible and strict elevator handling measures,... see more and shall have their own handling system and installation maintenance procedures to be implemented in business handling.

2. Strictly implement national and local regulations

To ensure the safe and reliable operation of villa home elevators, various cities and provinces have also drafted elevator handling specifications and handling methods based on the characteristics of the region. These specifications must be strictly followed and implemented.

3. No shortage of elevator equipment

Elevators are often in good condition, which is an important condition to ensure the safe operation and operation of elevators. Each part of the elevator equipment, in addition to regular protection and maintenance in accordance with the rules, should also be replaced in accordance with the rules for parts that are partially damaged or have reached the limit of the rule, so as not to exceed the service period and avoid accidents.

4. Train the operator

Personnel engaged in the repair of elevator installations and full-time drivers must be trained by the training department approved by the government, pass the inspection, and obtain a certificate before they can take up their posts, be familiar with various operating methods, and have operating skills.

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27 days ago
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Elevators are equipment that we need to use frequently, especially in hospitals. We attach more importance to elevators because of their great role. If the hospital does not have an elevator, then there will be a lot of trouble. In hospitals, there are roughly two types of elevators commonly used, one is a hospital elevator, and the other is an escalator. So, what are their advantages and disadvantages? Now, let the elevator sales company introduce to you.

1. The hospital elevator... see more can quickly and directly transport passengers to the destination floor, but it is difficult to cope with the concentrated and continuous flow of large numbers of people. In an outpatient and emergency building that only relies on elevators to transport passengers, a large number of people are often stranded in the waiting hall, which will increase the chance of hospital cross-infection and aggravate the negative emotions of patients. Therefore, the elevator is relatively suitable for vertical traffic use in the outpatient and emergency building with fewer outpatient visits or more floors across.

2. Compared with medical elevators, escalators can transport a large number of people within a short distance, and under normal circumstances, there is almost no waiting time, which can effectively solve the problem of crowd retention and ensure traffic flow when there are not many floors. Smooth. However, the running speed of the escalator is generally lower than that of the elevator, and it is not suitable for passengers with physical disabilities. In addition, the running mode of the escalator determines that it must deliver passengers to the destination floor layer by layer, which is not as direct as the elevator.

Through the introduction of the elevator company, I believe you already know the advantages and disadvantages of medical elevators and escalators. For more product information, please continue to pay attention to us: https://www.webstarelevator.com/product/bed-elevator.html
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Apr 7 2021
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Elevator upgrades can ensure proper mechanical operation, which is essential for safe operation, and you can fully realize the benefits associated with modernization plans. The modernization of passenger elevators has three main purposes. Correct mechanica
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Mar 24 2021
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Compared with ordinary elevators, villa elevators are not only technically, but also unusual. The villa elevator has the following advantages: 1. Caring for your family In order to integrate into the warm home environment and meet the needs of high-end v
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Mar 16 2021
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Home elevators are widely used in the modern market. Usually, when choosing an elevator, it can be found that the elevator is basically within 100~400 kg. If the weight exceeds this weight, there is no way to ride normally, because the elevator itself is a small elevator, and when choosing to use You should look at the specific size.
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Mar 10 2021
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Passenger elevators are very common in our lives. What about a high-quality passenger elevator there? Let’s take a look at WEBSTAR: 1. Small machine room passenger elevator In order to save building space, expand building space utilization, make operatio
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Feb 24 2021
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There is no need to get off the car elevator, press the elevator button, and then enter the car, why? Car elevators undoubtedly bring a lot of convenience to car owners and users. However, every time you enter a car elevator, the car owner must first get
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Feb 3 2021
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What are the precautions for the use of home villa elevators? No matter what kind of residential elevators have some precautions during the operation process, if these items are not followed, it is very likely that the elevator will be damaged. What needs
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Jan 20 2021
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At present, household villa elevators are divided into three types according to the driving mode: traction elevator, hydraulic elevator and screw elevator. Traction elevators are a more common type of elevator in daily public places. The structure is rela
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