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Jun 30 2021
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Speaking of elevators, many people know about freight elevators and passenger elevators, which are also common in general living buildings, but there are actually many types of elevators, not just passenger elevators and freight elevators. Let me give you the details below. Explain.

Elevators are classified according to their uses, and can be roughly divided into the following categories:

1. Passenger elevator: This is an indispensable elevator for high-rise housing.... see more It is specially designed to transport passengers. Generally, the car will be decorated better.

2. Freight elevator: An elevator designed mainly for transporting goods, and the general load-bearing capacity will be larger than that of a passenger elevator.

3. Sightseeing elevator: It is mostly used for elevators used by passengers in scenic spots for sightseeing, and the car wall is transparent.

4. Sundries elevators: most of them are elevators designed for libraries, office buildings, hotels to transport books, documents, food, etc.

5. Vehicle elevator: used as an elevator for loading and transporting vehicles

6. Ship elevator: an elevator used on ships.

7.Villa elevator: A private elevator usually installed in modern high-end villas.

8.Medical elevator: An elevator designed to transport hospital beds, stretchers, and medical carts. The car has the characteristics of long and narrow.

9. Building construction elevator: elevator for construction and maintenance.

The above is the introduction of common elevator types. Of course, there are also some elevators used in special environments. I will not introduce them here. I hope that the above content can be helpful to everyone. For more product information, click here: https://www.webstarelevator.com/product/passenger-elevator.html
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Jun 23 2021
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It was the first to use villa elevators in the west to the country, because most houses abroad are family villas. Installing villa elevators can facilitate the lives of family members and improve the quality of life. In recent years, China has also begun to imitate the decoration styles of foreign countries, installing family villa elevators at the beginning of the decoration. So how to choose a villa elevator brand?

1. Choose a brand with a longer age

To buy a family... see more villa elevator, you first need to have a general understanding of its different brands, such as emerging brands, brands with a long history, or even brands with good reputation. Although you should not blindly follow these, but at least there is a basis for measurement when choosing . For elevator brands with a relatively long life, the equipment produced by the manufacturer must be guaranteed, with rich production experience and advanced technology. It is also the first brand to introduce foreign villa elevator technology, such as Tian'ao elevator.

2, choose a complete model of equipment

Each family villa has a different layout and decoration style. Therefore, different models and colors of villa elevators are needed to match. If the match is not good, the installation effect will become unsatisfactory, and even affect the overall match of the decoration style. . Basically, the villa elevator models of large manufacturers will definitely be more complete, and the small manufacturers basically produce regular models and colors.

In short, before buying a family villa elevator, you must choose according to different brands. Different elevator brands have different characteristics and have their own merits. Therefore, consumers need to choose according to their own needs. What is suitable for other people's villas may not be suitable for them. Don't blindly follow the recommendations of others, the most suitable family villa elevator is the best.

If you are interested or have ideas about elevator information, please feel free to get in touch with us.

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Jun 9 2021
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The general elevator needs to reserve the elevator shaft, and if there is a power outage, the elevator cannot be used normally, but the smart private elevator, a small elevator without shafts, can solve all the problems you can imagine, and you can buy it. Those who can afford duplex buildings or villas are naturally not bad money, so the price of small villa elevators must not be considered in the scale. Many people have had the experience of being trapped in elevators, but this kind of small elevators... see more without shafts are completely Don't worry.

Villas generally have 2 to 3 floors, and there are also 5 floors. There are very few. Now villa elevators can basically be customized, and some functions can also be selected during use. Different functions and detailed application conditions may be different. Customers should first understand the common standards of villa elevators, and see if they can choose what they are satisfied with from these standard specifications. If they can’t choose the satisfactory ones, they need to customize. Professional villa elevator manufacturers need to communicate with them. The construction plan and elevator design drawings shall prevail.

Therefore, during the installation process, we should also do a good job of inspection, especially for some dwellings. On the premise of being satisfied with the traffic function of the elevator's roots, use modern decoration methods to depict a comfortable elevator space both visually and mentally. Environment, as the part of the space where people touch the elevator, because of the constraints of functional structural elements, the space specifications are small, and the surroundings are enclosed on all sides, giving people a sense of depression and suffocation. This is exactly the problem that planning needs to deal with. The elevator structure is consolidated, the construction is convenient, and the operation is simple. The ordinary configuration is between 20,000 and 30,000. The high configuration can be added on this basis. The domestic villa elevator industry is becoming more sophisticated and the technology is becoming more and more sophisticated. It is necessary to determine whether the residential property is allowed to install villa elevators outdoors. As far as the property is concerned, the installation of elevators will change the surface of the villa after all. In order to maintain the integrity of the community, many residential properties are not allowed to construct outside the villa.

The structure and accessories of screw villa elevators are quite different from those of traction elevators. The screws, guide rails, guide shoes, drive components, etc. are different from traditional traction elevators, with poor substitution, high requirements for device accuracy, and strong driving. Villa elevators have high space utilization. Household space is limited housing space. Generally, villas are within 4 floors, with a single floor area of ​​about 160 square meters. Now the price of the entire elevator in the housing market is rising, so the space utilization rate is also an important consideration. Factors, the device protection is convenient, the structure of the forced-drive villa elevator is simple, the vulnerable parts are few, and most of the parts are general-purpose parts on the market, which have strong substitution, convenient device protection, height limitation, high power and energy High consumption, the price of the second, third, fourth and fifth floors of the traction villa elevators differs by only 4000 yuan respectively, that is, the price of the second-story villa elevator of the private elevator is used as the base price, and the price of each additional layer will increase by 4000 yuan.

If you want to know more, please contact us: https://www.webstarelevator.com/product/villa-elevator.html
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Jun 2 2021
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Elevator has become an indispensable vertical transportation tool in our daily life. What should we pay attention to in order to ensure our safe and smooth arrival?

Wait for the elevator to correctly press the up or down call button at the door. Never press the up/down button at the same time.

After the elevator opens, passengers get off first and then get on. If passengers get out of the car, you should stand aside to facilitate their evacuation and then enter the car.
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When the elevator closes, don't put your hands or other objects between the two doors.

Evacuate through stairway in case of fire or other emergency. Because in case the power supply of the elevator is destroyed, passengers may be locked in the elevator car.

Get in and out of the car safely and quickly, and avoid staying at the door. Passengers standing at the door should leave the car first.

Press the destination floor button correctly to make sure you don't miss your floor.

If the number of passengers in the car is moderate, you can move deep into the car for the convenience of other passengers.

Passengers with children take good care of children; Passengers with pets should prevent pets from moving alone.

Keep a distance from the elevator door, and pay special attention to prevent clothes or other personal belongings from being squeezed by the elevator door when opening and closing the door.

If you need to keep the elevator door open, you should press and hold the door opening button. If you need to carry things, you can ask other passengers to press and hold the door opening button for you.

Take the elevator and stand near the car wall. Put your hands on the handrail when there is one.

Pay attention to the floor display and prepare for leaving the car in advance.

If the elevator does not open the door after arrival, press the open button. If you don't open the door, you should contact the central control room or property management department by using the alarm button or intercom system or telephone in the elevator, and wait for full-time personnel to rescue you.

Safety Tips Elevator injuries mostly occur at the door (people are squeezed by moving cars) or empty hoistway (people fall). When the elevator breaks down, your safety will be guaranteed if you stay away from these two places.

It is a dangerous place at the threshold of the elevator hall, so remember not to stay here.

In the process of elevator repair, in case the staff neglects to put warning signs and guardrails and works with the hall door open, you must never probe into the shaft out of curiosity. Remember, never approach the elevator shaft with the door open to prevent falling.

If you are locked in a car, the only correct way out is to try to ask for help. Never force the door to escape. The car parked between two floors and the opened hall door will put you in double danger.

For details, please consult: https://www.webstarelevator.com/product/passenger-elevator.html
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May 19 2021
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With the rise of high-rise buildings in cities, high-speed elevators are becoming more and more popular. It is often said that taking a high-speed elevator will cause dizziness and nausea. So, how to take a high-speed elevator to be the most comfortable and safest?

The lifting speed of passenger elevator is usually about 1 meter per second, and the speed of high-speed elevators is faster than 1.9 meters per second. As the elevator rises or falls, passengers will experience a large... see more air pressure difference in a short period of time, so they will feel uncomfortable eardrums. , Even instantaneous deafness, people suffering from high blood pressure, heart disease will feel dizzy. At this time, methods such as opening the mouth, massaging the roots of the ears, chewing gum and even chewing without a mouth can adjust the ability of the eardrum to adapt to changes in external air pressure and relieve the pressure of the eardrum.

In addition, there are some things you need to pay special attention to when taking elevators in normal times: If the power supply is interrupted due to sudden reasons, and passengers are trapped in the car, this is because the car often stops at a non-leveling position, so the passengers must not be nervous. , The elevator maintenance personnel should be notified to come to rescue through the alarm device in the car or other feasible methods. Never try to open the car door or open the safety window on the car roof to escape.

Passengers should see if the elevator car stops on this floor before boarding the elevator, and cannot blindly step in to prevent the floor door from being open and the car is not on the floor and falling into the hoistway.

If the landing door is still closed after pressing the elevator button, you should wait patiently, do not try to unlock the door, and do not play around in front of the landing door to hit the landing door.

Do not be too slow when entering and exiting the elevator, and do not step on the floor and the car for a long time.

In a strong thunderstorm, it is best not to take the elevator if there is no emergency, because the elevator machine room is usually located at the highest point of the roof. If the lightning protection device fails, it is easy to attract lightning.

In addition, in the event of a fire in a high-rise building, never take the elevator downstairs. People who carry gas oil, alcohol, firecrackers and other inflammable and explosive materials should not take the elevator up and down the stairs.

For details, please contact: https://www.webstarelevator.com/product/passenger-elevator.html
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May 12 2021
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In recent years, passenger elevators have been developed and put into shopping malls, and they will be the most widely used in villas across the country, and many country villas will also use such elevators for equipment. The renderings of the equipment are getting better and better, and there are many advantages. So what are its advantages?

1. The equipment is convenient and fast. Because the passenger elevator adopts the planning concept of villa-style elevators, it develops a small... see more shaft as a pit, and there is no need for a dedicated overhead machine room at all. You only need to find a suitable room indoors and put down a dedicated control cabinet. can. From this perspective, its strengths are also recognized in the eyes of many owners.

2. The passenger elevator has excellent stair space. Through planning a set of plans, the layout will still be more characteristic in the future. From the perspective of elevator planning, there will be an emergency self-rescue function. All of this is a safe and reliable equipment. This will still show more different places during the renovation process, and improve the planning There will be more and more advantages in the differences between the above.

3. The driving equipment of the passenger elevator is relatively advanced, achieving the effect of environmental protection and energy saving. In the case of photoelectric protection equipment, its safety is still getting higher and higher. From this perspective, it is necessary for the elevator to have no input of passenger elevator operation demand commands within a certain period of time, so that it can achieve a very energy-saving effect. It is often necessary for the power-saving mode to be right and wrong for the entire passenger side, so as to save Power.

Passenger elevator traction steel wire ropes are generally composed of 6-8 pieces, with a safety factor of 12, and the safety function is guaranteed. The safety calculations in the engineering planning and practical operation experiments have proved its safety, so large-scale engineering will be possible use. The failure process of the wire rope is fretting fatigue. The wire breaks first, the strand breaks, and the rope breaks finally. This takes a long time. The maintenance personnel need to check the status of the passenger elevator wire rope every month, and replace the broken wire when the number reaches the specified value. New steel wire ropes for passenger elevators.

For details, please contact: https://www.webstarelevator.com/product/passenger-elevator.html
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Apr 28 2021
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Villa elevators are now very common. For villa elevators, high-quality elevators have a much smaller probability of failure than defective elevators, and elevators will not easily present safety problems. Therefore, if the villa elevator is to be operated safely, the following conditions must be met:

1. Draft strict handling measures

Units and parts engaged in elevator installations and handling must formulate specific, feasible and strict elevator handling measures,... see more and shall have their own handling system and installation maintenance procedures to be implemented in business handling.

2. Strictly implement national and local regulations

To ensure the safe and reliable operation of villa home elevators, various cities and provinces have also drafted elevator handling specifications and handling methods based on the characteristics of the region. These specifications must be strictly followed and implemented.

3. No shortage of elevator equipment

Elevators are often in good condition, which is an important condition to ensure the safe operation and operation of elevators. Each part of the elevator equipment, in addition to regular protection and maintenance in accordance with the rules, should also be replaced in accordance with the rules for parts that are partially damaged or have reached the limit of the rule, so as not to exceed the service period and avoid accidents.

4. Train the operator

Personnel engaged in the repair of elevator installations and full-time drivers must be trained by the training department approved by the government, pass the inspection, and obtain a certificate before they can take up their posts, be familiar with various operating methods, and have operating skills.

For more product information, please click here: https://www.webstarelevator.com/product/villa-elevator.html
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Apr 21 2021
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Elevators are equipment that we need to use frequently, especially in hospitals. We attach more importance to elevators because of their great role. If the hospital does not have an elevator, then there will be a lot of trouble. In hospitals, there are roughly two types of elevators commonly used, one is a hospital elevator, and the other is an escalator. So, what are their advantages and disadvantages? Now, let the elevator sales company introduce to you.

1. The hospital elevator... see more can quickly and directly transport passengers to the destination floor, but it is difficult to cope with the concentrated and continuous flow of large numbers of people. In an outpatient and emergency building that only relies on elevators to transport passengers, a large number of people are often stranded in the waiting hall, which will increase the chance of hospital cross-infection and aggravate the negative emotions of patients. Therefore, the elevator is relatively suitable for vertical traffic use in the outpatient and emergency building with fewer outpatient visits or more floors across.

2. Compared with medical elevators, escalators can transport a large number of people within a short distance, and under normal circumstances, there is almost no waiting time, which can effectively solve the problem of crowd retention and ensure traffic flow when there are not many floors. Smooth. However, the running speed of the escalator is generally lower than that of the elevator, and it is not suitable for passengers with physical disabilities. In addition, the running mode of the escalator determines that it must deliver passengers to the destination floor layer by layer, which is not as direct as the elevator.

Through the introduction of the elevator company, I believe you already know the advantages and disadvantages of medical elevators and escalators. For more product information, please continue to pay attention to us: https://www.webstarelevator.com/product/bed-elevator.html
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Apr 7 2021
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Elevator upgrades can ensure proper mechanical operation, which is essential for safe operation, and you can fully realize the benefits associated with modernization plans. The modernization of passenger elevators has three main purposes. Correct mechanica
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Mar 24 2021
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Compared with ordinary elevators, villa elevators are not only technically, but also unusual. The villa elevator has the following advantages: 1. Caring for your family In order to integrate into the warm home environment and meet the needs of high-end v
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