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29 days ago
Gel King :
The effect of a gel eye mask is that it has a strong affinity, is convenient to use, and has a longer-lasting soothing effect.

As a professional manufacturer of gel eye mask, Shanghai Gel King Insulation Products Co., Ltd will briefly talk about the effects of gel eye mask:

1. It can improve eye microcirculation, eliminate eye fatigue, restore ciliary muscle elasticity, resist weakening of eyesight, and have the effect of improving eyesight.

2. It can... see more improve dizziness, forgetfulness, anorexia and other discomforts caused by overuse of the brain, reduce migraine, neurasthenia, insomnia and other brain fatigue syndromes, and improve work efficiency.

3. Help eliminate eye bags, wrinkles, dark circles, promote metabolism, and enhance the smoothness and elasticity of the skin around the eyes.


After pre-cooling (refrigerated at 2-8°C) for 30 minutes, it can be worn on the eyes. It is generally worn for 5-10 minutes, but it can also be extended according to personal symptoms without any side effects.


1. It is suitable for external use. If the packaging is accidentally damaged so that the inner liquid gets on the eyes or skin, just wash it off with water.

2. Store in a cool and dry place or refrigerate to prevent ultraviolet radiation.

Friendly reminder: please clean it in time after using the gel eye mask to reduce the accumulation of bacteria and reduce the damage to the eyes.

The gels we use are eco friendly gels, which have passed the quality standards of international institutions, so you can choose with confidence.

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May 13 2021
Gel King :
A cool cushion is a must in summer. It will provide you with long-lasting, continuous cooling and comfort to keep yourself cool in the hot months.

Cool gel mat can be used in many places, including bedding, pet cooling, camping; cool down on sofa, bed, office, living room and travel.

Put cool gel mat on the mattress and under the sheets. The patented gel of gel mat provides almost instant cooling effect, guarantees to lower your core body temperature, and helps you fall... see more asleep faster and enjoy coolness, relaxation and Comfortable sleep. Essentially, the gel core can maintain a lower temperature than the ambient temperature of the bedroom when not in use. The moment you lie on the cold ice pad it will immediately begin to cool your skin and continue to cool down all night. This rubber pad does not require refrigeration or other energy sources, and there is no limit to the number of times it can be used.

Cool gel mat is suitable for hand washing, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. In addition, the cool gel mat is portable and can be used on a chair for your next camping trip, in your car or even on your sofa! Perfect couple.

At Gel King, you can buy cool gel mats of various sizes and even customize them to your liking. Each cool gel mat is designed to cool your upper body and keep your current mattress comfortable. An XL Gelmat can be leaned across a queen-size bed for personal body covering for two sleepers. Just want a small area? Try small pillows and hot spots, such as your lower back.

If you want to know more, please contact us: https://www.gel-pack.net/product/cool-gel-mat/
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May 6 2021
Gel King :
There are various types of disposable dust masks, and the selection must be based on different job requirements and working conditions.

The first choice should be based on the concentration and toxicity of the dust. As a half-face mask, all dust masks are suitable for environments where the concentration of harmful substances does not exceed 10 times the occupational exposure limit. Otherwise, a full face mask or a higher-level respirator should be used.

If the particulate... see more matter is highly toxic, carcinogenic and radioactive, the filter material with the highest filtering efficiency should be selected.

If the particulate matter is oily, be sure to select a suitable filter material.

If the particulate matter is needle-like fibers, such as slag wool, asbestos, glass fiber, etc., dust masks cannot be washed with water, and masks with microfibers attached to the sealing parts of the face can easily cause facial irritation and are not suitable for use.

For high temperature and high humidity environments, it will be more comfortable to choose a mask with an exhalation valve. Choosing a mask that can remove ozone for welding can provide additional protection. However, if the ozone concentration is higher than 10 times the occupational health standard, the mask can be replaced with dust, a poison combination filter element. For environments where there is no particulate matter but only some peculiar smells, it is much lighter to choose a dust mask with an activated carbon layer than to wear a gas mask, such as some laboratory environments, but due to national standards, the technical performance of such masks is not regulated.

If you need to buy wholesale masks, please contact us: https://www.gel-pack.net/product/mask-series/disposable-mask.html
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Apr 21 2021
Gel King :
What is the meaning of the alphanumerics on the mask? Today we are going to answer questions about N95 masks and their likes.

The letters represent different national standards. The N series of masks are American standards, the KN series are Chinese standards, the FFP series are European standards, and the KF series are Korean standards. The following number refers to the protection capacity, the greater the protection level, the higher. 95 refers to the ability to filter out more... see more than 95% of non-oily particles. The 90 series is not as high as 95, but it can resist more than 90% of particles. In the FFP series, 2 basically corresponds to 95, and 3 has a higher filtration efficiency, reaching 99%. Those with a V at the end of the number indicate that there is a breathing valve.

If we sort the filtering capabilities, we can simply understand it as follows:


For more details, please click here: https://www.gel-pack.net/product/mask-series/kn95.html
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Apr 15 2021
Gel King :
The hot cold gel pack is an indispensable tool for increasing blood flow and relieving swelling, and its styles and varieties are varied. There are several factors to consider when choosing a gel pack. For example, you should determine the size that suits your needs. You should consider where the gel pack will be used and whether it is portable. There are two types of hot cold gel packs: disposable and non-disposable, and they can also play a role in your choice.

One of the most important... see more steps when choosing the best hot cold gel pack is to determine the hot and cold gel pack that fits your size. For example, if you are looking for a hot cold gel pack that can be used on the knees, ankles, or other relatively small body parts, you can use small to medium-sized hot cold gel packs relatively successfully. However, if you need to deal with a larger surface area, such as the entire back, quadriceps or other larger body parts, look for a larger hot cold gel pack. Using a hot cold gel pack that is too small for the affected area will not provide the best treatment effect.

Another important consideration to keep in mind when choosing a hot cold gel pack depends on where the gel pack will be used. For example, if you include a hot and cold gel pack in your first aid kit for use in hiking or sports games, it should be an "instant" variety that can be opened and used immediately. Conversely, if you plan to keep the hot cold gel pack at home, you can use a gel pack that requires more intense heating or cooling. In order to be successful, please read the instructions carefully.

Next, consider whether to use a disposable or non-disposable hot cold gel pack. For best results, when several different people may come into contact with the same packaging, use instant hot and cold gel packaging. However, if you are the only person using hot and cold get packages, then a non-disposable package is sufficient. When determining whether a hot and cold gel package is an instant package, please read the instructions on the package to determine whether the package can be used repeatedly or should be discarded after use.

Set your budget when you buy a hot cold gel pack. Usually, such packaging is relatively cheap, if you plan to buy a packaging for personal use, you can buy it at a reasonable price. However, if you need to purchase multiple hot cold gel packs, you may need to compare prices before making a final decision. Make sure to find a number of different sports or home furnishing stores to find a hot cold gel pack that suits your needs and is at an affordable price.

For more product information, please click here: reusable ice packs.

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Mar 25 2021
Gel King :
With the outbreak of the epidemic, masks became popular overnight. Will you distinguish between disposable medical masks, medical surgical masks, and medical protective masks?

Different implementation standards

The current technical standards for these three types of masks are

"Disposable Medical Masks" (YY/T0969-2013)

"Medical Surgical Mask" (YY0469-2011)

"Technical Requirements for Medical Protective Masks" (GB19038-2010)
... see more />
You can judge which type of mask the product belongs to by looking at the execution standards marked on the outer packaging of the product.

If you need to buy disposable protective masks, please feel free to contact us. We sell them at wholesale prices and the quality is assured.
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Mar 11 2021
Gel King :
There are several different options for cooling ice pads on the market:

1. Ordinary Ice Pad

Ordinary ice pads are the most primitive ice pads mentioned by the veterinarian Xiao Ming. They are mainly sponge and water. They were often seen in supermarkets in the summer. Many middle-aged and elderly people like to buy them, and some people buy ice of this kind. pillow! This makes veterinarian Xiao Ming have to worry about the health of these people. Although such ice pads... see more are not very heat-retaining, resting their head on a cold water ice pillow in just ten minutes will still affect their health in the long term.

2.Cool Gel Mat

This is the focus of today's veterinarian Xiao Ming. Technology is developing, and businesses are making progress. I clicked on a new pet ice pad on a treasure, and almost all the same words-polymer gel were written on the filling material.

What is this polymer gel? In layman's terms, it is similar to the cooling gel in the baby antipyretic paste. In the process of fierce competition among peers, some businesses pointed out: Some "black manufacturers" use ice slag ice pads, which are chemical substances in industrial production. If a dog eats it by mistake, it is likely to cause dog poisoning. Died. They claimed that the polymer gel they chose was extracted from tree sap, which is non-toxic, harmless, safe and environmentally friendly, even if it is eaten by mistake.

However, before purchasing, I hope that all owners can keep their eyes open, and don't be greedy for cheap. It is very important to choose a professional gel pack manufacturer.

For details, please consult: https://www.gel-pack.net/product/cool-gel-mat/
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Mar 4 2021
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Gel is a high-reliability polymer material that has good compatibility and biological inertness with human tissues and is known as "human skin". Eco Friendly Gel has a series of excellent properties, let's take a look at it together: Main Feature: 1. Imp
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Feb 4 2021
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Gel eye masks have many functions, such as relieving visual fatigue, soothing optic nerves, promoting blood circulation, eliminating eye bags, dark circles and so on. These functions are phenomena that many groups have now. The gel eye mask just can solve
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Jan 28 2021
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How to wear disposable masks and matters needing attention: 1. Wash: First, wash your hands to prevent dirty hands from contaminating the inner surface of the mask. 2. Hanging: Put the white side inward and the side with the metal strips upward, and put
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