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8 days ago
Changshu Dongfang :
Introduce The Raw Materials Of Teddy Velvet Fabric Manufacturer
In recent years, there have been more and more new fabrics on the market, including teddy velvet fabric produced by teddy velvet fabric manufacturer .
The shape of Teddy Fleece is somewhat similar to Teddy Fleece, both in terms of color and structure. Teddy velvet is a kind of material produced from polyester material through slack processing and other methods. Generally, it can be used to make autumn and winter coats,... see more of course, it can also be used to make rag doll toys.
When choosing teddy velvet products on a daily basis, we should try our best to choose products that are more secure than those produced by brands we believe in. Secondly, we must pay attention to the composition of teddy velvet, most of which are made of polyester fiber. To make the fabric more elastic, about 5% to 8% spandex will be mixed during processing. The specific purchase depends on the purpose.
Most of the raw materials for Teddy velvet production are polyester fibers, and the fabric has a high grammage. It is a kind of material produced from polyester materials through slack processing and other methods.
The rabbit fur fabric produced by the rabbit fur fabric manufacturer , like the teddy velvet fabric, is a more popular new fabric, especially popular with girls. www.dfknit.com
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15 days ago
Changshu Dongfang :
Introduce The Trend Of Home Textile Fabric Wholesalers
Home textile fabric is used a lot in our surroundings, and home textile fabric wholesalers are constantly improving. But what are the trends in the home textile fabric industry?
The speed of industry convergence will accelerate. To reduce the operating costs of enterprises and enhance market competitiveness, enterprises that were originally separated from the industrial clusters quickly gathered together to promote the pattern of... see more industrial bases to become more intensive and clear. The industrial cluster has the advantages of many manufacturing enterprises, direct logistics in all directions, large information flow, and complete supporting facilities. In addition to the low cost of supporting processing, the cost of purchasing information and merchant resources is also very low. The aggregation speed of industrial clusters will accelerate, especially in the financial crisis, many enterprises drift on the edge of industrial clusters, if they want to ensure their survival, they must move closer to the industrial clusters. Therefore, the industrial environment determines the aggregation of industries.
The market polarization is more obvious. The home textile industry will show the Matthew effect. Home textile companies with abundant capital, brand advantages, and channel advantages will quickly distance themselves from small and medium-sized enterprises, and the market polarization will become more obvious.
For more details, please visit polyester flannel fabric wholesalers . www.dfknit.com
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22 days ago
Changshu Dongfang :
About The Performance Of Milk Velvet Printed Blanket Wholesalers
Regardless of the season, we will prepare a blanket, but many fabrics can be used to make blankets, including milk velvet fabrics. Because of its good performance, the milk velvet printed blanket sold by milk velvet printed blanket wholesalers are very popular.
Cotton fiber and its products have become the first choice for people's clothing and quilts for thousands of years because of their good moisture absorption and... see more air permeability, resistance to mold and moth, softness, comfort, and no static electricity. New raw materials such as milk protein fiber have become the first choice for new product development. Many home textile companies are paying more and more attention to this; industrial clusters also highlight their characteristics in the promotion and application of new raw materials for milk protein fiber.
The washing of the PV plush blanket sold by PV plush blanket wholesalers also requires more attention. www.dfknit.com
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May 13 2021
Changshu Dongfang :
Introduce The Fabric Performance Of Polyester Flannel Fabric Supplier
Today's fabric market is developing rapidly. In addition to a variety of more traditional fabrics, many new fabrics have also appeared, and they are more favored by sellers in the market. For example, the polyester flannel fabric produced by the polyester flannel fabric supplier is very popular.
The performance of the polyester flannel fabric is still very good. Under standard conditions, the moisture regain of polyester... see more is 0.4%, which is lower than that of acrylic (1%~2%) and nylon (4%). Polyester has low moisture absorption, so its wet strength decreases less, and the fabric has good washability and wearability. However, static electricity is serious during processing and wearing, and the fabric has poor air permeability and moisture absorption. The softening point T of polyester is 230-240℃, the melting point Tm is 255-265℃, and the decomposition point T is about 300℃. Polyester can burn in fire, curl, and melt into beads, with black smoke and an aromatic smell. Its light resistance is second only to acrylic fiber. The light resistance of polyester is related to its molecular structure. Polyester only has a strong absorption band in the 315nm wavelength region, so it loses only 60% of its strength after 600h of sunlight, which is similar to cotton. Polyester has poor electrical conductivity due to low moisture absorption. The dielectric constant in the range of -100~+160℃ is 3.0~3.8, which is an excellent insulator.
Many home textile fabric supplier will choose a lot of fabrics like home textile fabric, but most of the fabrics need to have good performance. www.dfknit.com
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Apr 29 2021
Changshu Dongfang :
About The Mothproof Performance Of Rabbit Fur Fabric Factory
We all know that the fabric market is developing very fast, and among them, the rabbit fur fabric produced by the rabbit fur fabric factory is very popular.
Rabbit hair is a natural protein fiber, which is vulnerable to insect damage, especially after it absorbs moisture and becomes damp. Therefore, regular inspections are required, usually every 10-15 days in summer and every 30-40 days in winter. To prevent rabbit hair from... see more moth, you can place the appropriate amount of mothballs or other insect repellents (packed in gauze bags, placed in the four corners and center of wooden cabinets and cartons), but do not directly mix and contact the insect repellent with rabbit hair.
In addition, care should be taken to prevent rodents and dust when storing rabbit fur. It is difficult to remove rabbit fur after dust pollution, which will affect the color of rabbit fur and reduce its quality.
Therefore, the anti-moth performance of the rabbit fur fabric is still very good. In addition, the teddy velvet fabric produced by the teddy velvet fabric factory is also very popular. www.dfknit.com
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Apr 22 2021
Changshu Dongfang :
Introduce Teddy Velvet Fabric Factory
In recent years, the teddy velvet fabric produced by the teddy velvet fabric factory is very popular, let's take a look.
If you put on such a "teddy fleece" in winter, it is warm and cute, and the harshness of the cold is still in your head in an instant, the warmth index is bursting, and the fashion index soars. For girls, this is the best for them. Gifts, beauty is for oneself to see.
Some girls don't want to wear it just to look not too... see more cute, but there are also styles that mature professional women can wear in teddy velvet clothing. The iron principle is to stick to calm colors.
Of course, "Teddy velvet" should be Angola goat hair. The name of Angola goat hair comes from Turkish, meaning "the best wool".
However, with the development of fabric technology, 100% chemical fibers or blends will also be made into "teddy velvet".
There is also the familiar polar fleece, which is 100% chemical fiber. After a series of processes, the fabric is sheared and brushed to form a plush fabric.
The rabbit fur fabric produced by the rabbit fur fabric factory is the same, it can be cute or fashionable. www.on-sun.com
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Apr 15 2021
Changshu Dongfang :
Related Performance Of Home Textile Fabric Factory
In recent years, the development of fabrics has been very fast, and various new types of fabrics are constantly appearing. For the home textile fabric, there have also been some innovations, so the home textile fabric factory has been constantly improving its quality.
As a home textile fabric, its decorative performance and thermal insulation performance are beyond doubt. Also, it has many other properties, such as moisture permeability.
... see more /> Due to its use characteristics, quilt cover home textiles require the fabric to have moisture permeability. The moisture permeability of the fabric can be achieved in the fabric structure, such as the use of a double-layer structure, the inner layer of the body is made of hydrophobic fibers, and the outer layer is made of hydrophilic fibers, so that sweat can be transferred from the skin to the skin by capillary action. On the inner layer of fibers, since the outer layer of hydrophilic fibers and water molecules have a stronger binding force than the inner layer of hydrophobic fibers, the water molecules are transferred from the inner layer of the fabric to the outer layer again, and finally emitted.
Of course, the performance of the home textile fabric is not only these, there are many other performances. The same is true for polyester flannel fabric. The performance is very good. The polyester flannel fabric factory is also constantly improving. www.dfknit.com
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Apr 1 2021
Changshu Dongfang :
Antistatic Performance Of The Home Textile Fabric
In recent years, home textile fabric has been used in hotels, hotels, including homes, and has played a great role in beautifying, improving the environment, and improving people's comfort in life and work. Let's talk about the antistatic performance of home textile fabric today.
Home textiles are made of chemical fiber fabrics. Whenever moisture is easy to volatilize and the environment is relatively dry, static electricity becomes... see more a problem. Static electricity generally makes home textiles easy to fluff and pilling, easily contaminated with dust and dirt, and feel an electric shock when they are close to the skin. The best antistatic fabrics are woven from natural fibers, but pure natural fiber fabrics are often expensive, and it is difficult to satisfy consumers of different levels of home textile products, and even natural fiber fabrics will suffer from lack of water in a very dry environment. Molecules and generate static electricity. The antistatic finishing method of home textile fabrics is mainly to use antistatic agents with moisture absorption effect, and coat the surface of the fabric with a chemical film that can absorb water molecules so that a continuous conductive water film is formed on the surface of the fabric to conduct static electricity away. Scattered. This method can make the fabric have antistatic function without affecting its softness and comfort.
Similarly, polyester flannel fabric is suitable for the production of our household products and clothing, so it is also very popular. www.dfknit.com
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Mar 18 2021
Changshu Dongfang :
Why Is PV Plush Blanket So Popular?
The main component of PV velvet is polyester. There are two kinds of matte and semi-gloss. It does not shed hair, does not ball, and has a diversified personality. PV velvet has a fine texture, soft hand, no ball, no color loss, but due to the knitting principle, it does not lose hair slightly. But the PV plush blanket is very popular, so there must be a reason for its popularity.
1. PV velvet fabric has long fluff, but the fabric will not shed hair... see more or pilling, so it has a lot of styles. 2. The fabric composition of PV velvet is 100% polyester fabric, so PV velvet belongs to polyester fabric. 3. Since polyester fabrics are easier to wash, this excellent feature is also inherited by PV fleece fabrics, so it will be very simple to take care of PV fleece. 4. It is skin-friendly, does not have any irritation to human skin, and does not produce any allergies, so the audience of PV fleece fabrics is particularly broad.
For these reasons, the PV plush blanket still has a place in the blanket, and the milk velvet printed blanket is also popular, which is soft and comfortable and has good warmth retention properties. www.dfknit.com
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Mar 11 2021
Changshu Dongfang :
Features Of Flannel Cationic Jacquard Fabric And Cationic Fabric
The fabrics we can receive in our daily life can be said to be diverse and diverse. Different fabrics have different textures, styles, and performances. Among them, one of our most common fabrics is called jacquard fabric, and the flannel cationic jacquard fabric is also characterized by the application of jacquard fabrics. Flannel cationic jacquard fabric has the characteristics of flannel fabric, cationic fabric, and jacquard... see more fabric. It is a very good choice in terms of comfort, aesthetics, and performance. Let’s talk about the characteristics of cationic fabrics today.
Cationic fabrics have bright colors and are very suitable for artificial fibers, but they are used for washing and lightfastness of natural cellulose and protein fabrics. The abrasion resistance of cationic fabrics is also very good. After adding some artificial fibers such as polyester and spandex, it has higher strength and better elasticity, and its abrasion resistance is second only to nylon. Cationic fabrics have some chemical properties, such as corrosion resistance, resistance to dilute alkali, resistance to bleaching agents, oxidants, hydrocarbons, ketones, petroleum products, and inorganic acids, as well as some physical properties, such as resistance to ultraviolet rays.
Because of its unique two-color effect, many printed quilt or clothing will also use cationic fabrics to make the color, style, and pictures of the printed quilt more beautiful. www.dfknit.com
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