LEEP (Learn, Engage, Empower, Prepare) is a 30-week “grade specific” program that helps students with readiness & transition throughout high school, into college and/or other post-secondary options. We partner with schools to create a plan of action and path towards success within all stages of a student’s high school journey. The goal is to help students make the best decisions for their future based on resources rather than personal circumstances.

Components of LEEP

  • Workshops focused on important skillsets (i.e. Time Management, Public Speaking, Goal Setting, Growth Mindset etc.). Workshops include module materials, discussions, themed activities, action planning and cap stone project every grade.
  • Monthly reports specific to your students that include themes, trends and recommendations for school counselors and administration to help aid with school and parent initiatives.
  • Real time & Private virtual sessions focused on interaction, innovation, current information and guidance directly from colleges, college students and college readiness subject matter experts.

LEEP grade specific program arms your students with the knowledge and skillset needed to sustain success in higher grades, internships and post-secondary education endeavors.
LEEP is present in the following grades:

  • 9th Grade – Assimilation Stage
    Designed to help students have a seamless transition from middle school to high school by focusing on acclimating incoming freshmen to their high school environment and the resources needed for success.

  • 10th Grade – Exploration Stage
    Designed to introduce, teach, and explore different types of post-secondary schools and professions through real-time, interactive and engaging sessions. The focus is to help students prepare and plan for their next step in deciding their future aspirations.

  • 11th Grade – Interaction Stage
    Designed to help students learn, plan, prepare and interact with colleges admissions partners and different post-secondary school options.

  • 12th Grade – Preparation Stage
    Designed to help students with a seamless transition plan for high retention and success at the next level. Student action plans will be used to combat common soft skills linked to the top reasons’ students struggle in college and workforce

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